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Top 25 Kitchen Ceiling Ideas 2019 (Decorative Kitchen Ceiling Ideas)

Kitchen Ceiling Ideas. Everywhere we go, home always is the most place we miss. Home always be the sweetest place in our life — some of us decorate our home to be a beautiful place to wast our time. Instead, sometimes we care about our home more than our self. Dining room, bathroom, and kitchen always be the places we focused on decor. Moreover, we suddenly spend a bunch of money on decorating it.

One of the best and valuable places we need to decor is our kitchen. The kitchen became a place for us to have a meal, chit chat, also share our problem. In this age, the kitchen not only became a place for cooking. Most of us care about the appliances, tools, and utilized for our kitchen. Sometimes we forget one on the significant view in our kitchen. What is it?. It is our kitchen ceiling.

Kitchen ceiling became one of the essential things to decor. The ceiling is one of the most mood boosters for us while cooking or has a meal. Then, the ceiling will be our unforgettable side for our guest. With a beautiful ceiling design will make your kitchen became terrific and fantastic. This article will give you some ideas on how to build an incredible kitchen ceiling.

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Incredible Kitchen Ceiling Ideas:

Triangle White Ceiling

pictures of kitchen ceiling designs
Pictures by Davonport

This ceiling idea is insane. Your kitchen will look more prominent in using this ceiling design. Then, the white color of this ceiling makes your kitchen airy. Also, the natural light from outside makes your kitchen like have a huge space. Then, the utilization of lighting and white cabinets make your kitchen design beautiful. Using this ceiling idea for your kitchen will be one of the best options.

Rustic Wood Ceiling

kitchen lights ceiling ideas
Pictures by Nick Marx

Rustic will be an excellent idea for your kitchen ceiling. With wood material and using the natural color of it. It will ideally bring rustic condition on your kitchen. Also, the support from wood cabinets, table, and hood make your kitchen blending with rustic style. This rustic kitchen ceiling ideas will bring a unique view from your kitchen. Then, the best combination of ceiling light and pendant light make this kitchen awesome.

Natural Wood Ceiling

lights for kitchen ceiling
Pictures by Peter Venderwarker

Applying a simple ceiling design on your kitchen is possible. But, make sure you already think about the view. Simple design doesn’t mean it will look dull too. Like this natural wooden kitchen ceiling ideas is one of simple design. Instead, this design bringing natural atmosphere from wood material. Also, natural wooden color makes this kitchen look beautiful. Then, almost all of the kitchen appliances are from wood material, make this kitchen bringing fresh condition.

Full White Ceiling

kitchen ceiling tiles
Pictures by Martin Gardner

We agreed that the white color would make our kitchen look more prominent. This kitchen ceiling idea using that term. Using white color on all space of the kitchen. White color entire the kitchen make this kitchen look clean and glamours. Also, using modern appliances, hood, tools, seating, lighting, etc., make this kitchen bringing future view. Moreover, the large window makes the natural light from outside ideally come, then make this kitchen airy and bright.

Useful High Ceiling

kitchen ceiling panels
Pictures by Paul Crosby

Ceiling not only became useless space in this era. Some people decorate their ceiling with a bunch of purposes. Like this kitchen ceiling ideas, using their ceiling as a window. That window will bring much natural light attention from outside. It will make your kitchen perfectly lighting and fresh atmosphere. Then, this ceiling design making shelves to make your kitchen have a new look and make your kitchen look artistic. Furthermore, The combination of color and the materials of the kitchen appliances make this kitchen look lovely.

Pop-up Color Ceiling

decorative kitchen ceiling lights
Pictures by BKT Loft

This kitchen ceiling ideas only using color to make it unique. With the modern design of appliances and kitchenware combined with white color make this kitchen easy to applying pop-up color. The red color is the best option; it will make your ceiling unique and eye-catching. This ceiling ideas make your kitchen bringing a sense of elegance and luxury. This kitchen ceiling idea is beautiful to install for your small kitchen.

Different Shape Ceiling

recessed ceiling lighting ideas
Pictures by Art Gray

Big kitchen space is incredible, and everybody wants it. Have a bigger kitchen space make you easy to add something big on your kitchen. Or, you allow to have a dining table also have eat-in kitchen style, maybe basement kitchen style in one are. With a big space of cooking, your ceiling must be one of the best sides too. This kitchen ceiling idea nice for big kitchen. Combined wooden ceiling and window ceiling make this kitchen look fantastic. It can shine all space in your kitchen; then the natural wood color makes this kitchen calm and fresh.

Country Ceiling Design

recessed kitchen lighting ideas
Pictures by Michael J. Lee

You like modern appliances, but also you want the traditional view. Decorate your kitchen with that categorize is a piece a cake. Using this kitchen ceiling idea will make it happen. Country ceiling design can combine those things. The traditional look of ceiling and modern appliances of your kitchen can tackle down with this design. Wood and beam is a perfect combination of bringing traditional feeling, also white and natural color of that wood is beautiful. It will make your kitchen look calm and soft.

Elegant Black Ceiling

beautiful ceilings designs
Pictures by Daniel Barbu

Color is the most critical aspect of decor our home, especially our kitchen. Perfect choosing of color will make your kitchen look impressive and expensive. Like this kitchen ceiling ideas, using sleek black color make this kitchen look elegant and costly. Also, it supported by the black color of cabinets, hoo, some appliances make this kitchen look very insane. Then, the taste of art included here. Soapstone wallpaper and countertops, make this kitchen bringing a glamorous style of kitchen.

Farmhouse Tile Ceiling

ceiling types architecture pdf
Pictures by Jill Greer

Tile not only use for your floor. Using tile for your ceiling will make an excellent idea. This kitchen with tile ceiling will make your kitchen unique and stunned. Using farmhouse tile ceiling combine with old appliances and kitchen tools make your kitchen have a different feeling. It brought back past condition; then it makes your kitchen have something we can explain. Also, this kitchen design inspired by the Arabic style. So, using this kitchen design will bring an Arabic atmosphere to your home.

Full Beams Ceiling

ceiling accent ideas
Pictures by Daniella Amit

Modern kitchen design is the best design in this age. Also, the grey kitchen became one of the favorite model, combined with modern appliances. That kitchen design must unite with the best ceiling design. This full beams kitchen ceiling idea will be the best option. This ceiling will make your kitchen look elegant and contemporary. The dark grey color from the beams gives a new view of your family and quest. Also, it will make your kitchen look unique.

Old Roofing Ceiling

best lights for kitchen ceilings
Pictures by Wright Build

Old style kitchen combines with modern appliances is possible right now. This ceiling design using rusty roofing make this kitchen look very old. But, the combination of newest and modern kitchen appliances make this kitchen became stylish and unique kitchen design. Also, using wood material of cabinets, table, and chair make this kitchen design look fantastic.

Green-Wood Ceiling

can lights in kitchen
Pictures by Burlington

Farmhouse kitchen design has several thews, such as airy, bright, traditional look, etc. With this kitchen ceiling, the idea will support your farmhouse kitchen. The green wood ceiling makes your kitchen colorful and calm. Also, green is identic with a natural feeling. Natural light and fresh air make this kitchen look beautiful. Furthermore, the white color of all things in that kitchen make it nicely blending with the green ceiling.

Insane Vintage Ceiling

best overhead kitchen lighting
Pictures by Chandler

This kitchen ceiling idea is crazy. The shapes of the wood ceiling make this kitchen weird but cute. The vintage style of cabinets and countertops make this kitchen design unique. The irregular placing of the ceiling is masterpiece design. Then, a combination of a wood window and the brick wall make the vintage style is come out. This kitchen ceiling is suitable for you, who bored to see contemporary and tiny ceiling styles.

Ancient Ceiling Style

small kitchen ceiling ideas
Pictures by Jarrett Design

The ancient style in this era? Is it possible?. Absolutely yes it can. This ceiling design using log and plank as the material. It makes the ancient form is pop-up. Also, the elements of cabinets made from wood make it supported the kitchen style. Then, the table and seating also using the old form. Moreover, the lighting also makes the ancient atmosphere come out. Otherwise, this kitchen also using the newest appliance, tools, and kitchenware to make cooking time easier.

White High Ceiling

architectural ceiling designs
Pictures by Stanmore

This ceiling idea is very standard but still lovely for you to use it. You have a galley kitchen design, also eat-in kitchen style. Using this ceiling design can be a suitable option for you. A white and high ceiling will make your kitchen look bigger and airy. Also, the combination of vinyl wood material of cabinets and counter make this kitchen pleasant to watch. Then, the decoration of lighting makes this kitchen beautiful to look and bring a new feeling.

Small Plank Ceiling

architectural ceiling styles
Pictures by Laurent Bamford

Kitchen is one of the places in our home. Design with nice decor and useful appliances it is must for you to do that. This kitchen design is cozy and tidy. Combination of white color and natural material make this kitchen perfect. Also, natural plank ceiling perfectly blending with all things in that kitchen. Moreover, using this kitchen ceiling ideas make your kitchen look more prominent and bright.

Box Tile Ceiling

ceiling design ideas photos
Pictures by Alexandra Buchanan

This tile ceiling will make your kitchen look chic and cozy. The simple pattern of this ceiling makes it easy to install. Also, it can combine with whatever your kitchen style. The color of this ceiling can connect with all intensity. Instead, the best combination is with a modern contemporary style. Also, sleek white color can be the option to combined with this bix tile ceiling. To make it harmonious, you can use a table or seating, which is the same color as that ceiling.

Artistic White Ceiling

list of types of ceilings
Pictures by Julien Clapot

Install unique and aesthetic design on your kitchen good. With this kitchen ceiling ideas will make your kitchen look unique. Also, this ceiling design is hard to forget it. The combination of white and lighting make this style pleasant to watch. A brilliant idea on applying the lighting inside the ceiling crack. Moreover, this kitchen ceiling is suitable for your small kitchen style. The key is the place you install the light and deciding the colors.

Simple Wood Pattern

architectural ceiling treatments
Pictures by Daniel O’Connor

This kitchen ceiling idea is nice. It will make your kitchen look cozy and fresh. Simple design makes your quest eye not only focused on appliances or kitchenware, but your quest will focus on all things around your kitchen. Because all items on your kitchen are linked. The white color, the natural wooden, and the floor. Furthermore, wide windows make natural light from outside perfectly illuminate all things on your kitchen.

Dark Tile Ceiling

lowe's creative kitchen ideas
Pictures by Todd Yarrington

Kitchen in this era not only place to cook. The kitchen became a suitable place for our quest. So, designing our kitchen is necessary. One the best part is our ceiling, and the ceiling will become second or maybe the first view of our quest. With this kitchen ceiling idea will make your kitchen look elegant. The dark tile ceiling is the best style, combined with dark countertops, make your kitchen outstanding. Also, white cabinets and sleek appliances are the best ideas to make this kitchen look amazing.

Big Mount Ceiling

kitchen ceiling lights home depot
Pictures by Colmar Kitchen

Big kitchen space with a galley kitchen style is common right now. It makes your kitchen space bravely uses. Otherwise, applying the right ceiling is one of the essential things for the kitchen. This big mount ceiling is a breakthrough idea. The design of this ceiling and the color combination make this kitchen look glamorous but still calm. Then, perfect using of ceiling window make this kitchen airy and well lighting.

Rustic Kitchen Ceiling

ceiling decorating ideas photos
Pictures by Ladd Suydam

Only have galley kitchens with small space in your home. Using this kitchen ceiling idea is the option for you. This ceiling is very suitable for small kitchen; the sleek tile material makes this kitchen look fresh. Also, the tile floor supports the rustic feeling of this kitchen. Then, ordinary cabinets style and color make this kitchen cozy. But, this kitchen always is good design in this country.

Pattern Tile Ceiling

party ceiling decorating ideas
Pictures by Kitchen and Bath

Farmhouse kitchen style became famous right now. Some people using this kitchen style to bringing back the past condition. White wooden material, soft color, stone countertops, and old style light. Then, the ceiling also using old style pattern. The simple design of this kitchen tile ceiling makes this kitchen bringing past condition. This kitchen ceiling is one of best tile ceiling for your farmhouse kitchen.

High Beams Ceiling

vaulted ceiling decorating ideas
Pictures by Frederick

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