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Apartment Living Room Ideas (Small, Modern, and College Living Room Design)

Apartment Living Room Ideas. Idealizing a small living room is not a delinquent if you watch the Gage of your fixtures. For instance, an overfilled sofa will make any tiny area feel infinitesimal. However, an apartment-size sofa that is also near to the ground will have conflicting results.

An inelegantly shaped living room can be arcane to beautify, but no area is ever too odd for beautiful decor. A living room that is both thin and minor can be principally inspiring to remodel. Nevertheless, cautiously chosen fixtures can make the most of the valuable rectangular shots.

How to set up an apartment living room?

There are a pair of rudiments you should consider adding to a living room in the apartment. First, they need to be reasonable where you can still have a budget after you are buying all. Second and last, try to make sure that these fixtures could bring a big effect on the appearance of the area.

You do not want to forget to consider these pieces of stuff off your first apartment living room fixtures. Surely, the most important fixtures that you should consider first are the cozy couch and coffee table. These fixtures will make your living room the flawless area to lessen while doing some reading and host family.

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Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

Never let your small apartment living room squeeze your bravura. No matter how tiny your area, it can still look sophisticated whether you rent or own. Try to determine the finest small living room decorating ideas for engraving the most comfortable spot in your place.

1. Havana Small Apartment

Photo By YS Ambiances

Inspiration for a tiny contemporary dominant beige tile and nugget tile marble floor modernize angle shower. Then, the living room filled with marble countertops, light lumber dressers, and a dais sink. Before, YS Ambiances architect arranges this magnificent living room design in Havana.

2. Clarendon Living Room

Photo by Lisa Garcia Architecture

Trivial simple open idea wooden floor living room snapshot with ashen walls. Formerly, Lisa Garcia’s architecture and interior design made this adorable modern design. They use a living room sample from Clarendon condo in DC Metro.

3. Unfolding Living Room

Photo by Michael K Chen Architecture

An idea for a fashionable integral desk average tone wooden floor office area modernizes in with silvery walls. In general, an unfolding professional apartment designer creates this design in New York. The stainless mounting prop is custom made from McMaster Car.

4. Neo Bankside Living Room

Photo by Azman Architects

Illustration of a tiny fashionable open idea light wood floor living room with snowy walls. In detail, Neo Bankside apartment intentionally put a wall-mounted tv inside it. In short, Azman Architects create the whole modernize living room decorating ideas in London.

Small Apartment Living Room Decorating Ideas

Even if your cramped apartment feels small, there is no excuse to let it twinge your style. Indeed, there are plenty of small and cramped apartments that somehow be able to feel open and appealing. You too can have a small apartment decorating ideas that feel comfier than small.

1. Feminine Living Room

Photo by Ikon Design Studio

Narrowed contemporary open idea dark lumber floor living room with grey walls. As can be seen, the living room covers with feminine colors that meet nice materials. Ikon Design Studio successfully built this modern small apartment design in Berlin.

2. Boston Living Room

Photo by Mandeville Canyon Designs

Trivial modern open idea average tone lumber floor and tan floor living room idea with brunet walls. After all, this living room has no tv and fireplace. Specifically, Mandeville Canyon Apartment Designer built this elegant design in Boston.

3. Earls Court Living Room

Photo by Bhavin Taylor Design

Minor fashionable bounded living room photo without fireside and tv. Also, Earls Court Professional Apartment covered in white walls. For the most part, Bhavin Taylor architect design this living room in London.

4. Tiny Penthouse Living Room

Photo by studio 29

Confined fashionable official and fenced light timber floor living room with steely walls. Generally speaking, this tiny living room inspired by a penthouse apartment in Prague. On the whole, studio 29 intentionally built a modernized living room design.

Apartment Living Room Decorating Ideas

Living rooms were initially proposed to act as classy locations for presenting and entertaining. However, plenty of apartments today will only have one bigger room that acts as mutually a hosting and main living room. In the end, think about your desires when seeing dissimilar living room ideas.

1. Living Room in Brooklyn

Photo by Décor Aid

An example of a luxurious living room decoration place in Brooklyn. To point out, some interior designers took around 48 hours to come up with the idea of the fixtures. Then again, the apartment owner consults with a local architect to design this modern jewel.

2. Wandsworth Town Living Room

Photo by Bhavin Taylor Design

Illustration of a provisional living room design in London. Next to the dining counter is a ladder deferring unit that exhibits a group of fittings. Bhavin Taylor design this beautiful transitional living room in wands worth town.

3. Hyde Park Living Room

Photo by Intarya

Intrata was instructed to design a contemporary living room at the prominent Lancaster’s advance. Therefore, it is important to exploit the apartment’s characteristic architectural minutiae, such as the inspiring dual height maximum of the cozy living room ideas. All in all, floor to ceiling woodwork near the hearth does this to outstanding effect.

4. The Soho Living Room

Photo by Jennifer Connell Design

Example of a tiny fashionable single-wall tavern cart idea in New York without descend and black cabinets. In detail, a bar chart placed beneath close to the entrance and on the way near the living room. The cart sets the character for the family’s beloved activity.

Apartment Living Room Ideas On a Budget

There are living room color ideas artistic themes best to suit you and your cost. You can go for a happy chic and warm up your living room or aim for an open area with domed roofs. With a specific plan of your design, you will have helical up with an area that you can live peacefully.


Even though the project you create is on a budget please make sure that you can live in comfortably. Moreover, try to ornate conferring to the area you have available. All in all, you must aim for a peaceful evacuation straightforward living room where you can enjoy slipping your shoes off.

1. Living Room in Historical Paris

Example of Danish living room photo in Paris. Specifically, the living room design is using Scandinavian living room ideas. Notably, Tatiana Niccol built this luxury design based on the historical art of European apartments.

2. Isobel Schofield

Photo by Chris A Dorsey Photography

Mid-sized wide-ranging intermediate lumber floor living room with silvery walls. The homeowner hires a professional architect, Isobel Schofield to build this uplifting design. For this reason, the designer creates an Eclectic living room in New York.


Elegant living room is an amazing foundation of spur whether you are looking for a new panache to approve or want to break on top of growing trends. Each luxury inland demonstrates an exclusive aesthetic fully unfair by the welfare. Also, the behaviors of the residents themselves will determine the design of your living room.

1. Oceana Key Living Room

Photo by Santana Design Studio LLC

Huge fashionable living room picture in Miami. Including seating room as a conversion for the living room. Forthwith, Santana Design Studio LLC successfully create a futuristic Oceana key design.

2. Footballer’s Living Room

Photo by ARS-IDEA interior & architectural design

Discreet living room snapshot in Other. ARS-IDEA interior & architectural built magnificent modern living room design. Particularly, the design is a custom made for a famous footballer’s apartment.

Modern Apartment Living Room Ideas

Before you start building a contemporary apartment living room, the very first thing you need to prepare is a strategy. Thus, a well-prepared strategy will help you to decide on a good design. In that case, you can find plenty of ideas from the gallery provided below.

1. Nashville Living Room

Photo by Beasley & Henley Interior Design

Mid-sized contemporary open idea singles floor and russet floor living room with white walls. Expressly, Beasley & Henley made the design based on community requests. After all, this is the best Nashville apartment Living room design in Miami.

2. Leonard Street Living Room

Photo by Threshold Interiors

This pristine apartment requires some lighting to seizure the drama of the Cityscape. Certainly, the designer adds some enhancing paint effects and window dealings to bond it all together. Though, the biggest challenge was the windows that can provide privacy to homeowners while preserving the astonishing sight.

3. MoMA Living Room

Photo by DHD Architecture and Interior Design

This splendid one living room received an instinctive revamp from DHD Architecture to generate a cheerful and clean slate for a family. Whereas, negligibly thorough custom millwork and architectural landscape are visible from the floor to ceiling angle. Conversely, the peripheries kept lines glossy and classy to accolade the decorations modernize scenery.

4. Pre-War Living Room

Photo by Décor Aid

Fashionable intermediate quality wood floor and russet flooring living room snap with grey walls. As you can see, the area is ashore with comforting neutrals color. Therefore, interior designers carried in some fixtures that pop of color and texture for a classy yet inadvertent vibe.

College Apartment Living Room Ideas

For those of you needed to get the hell out of your residences next year, it is the time to begin searching for apartments. The search can be stressful and troublesome to your schedule. However, these college apartment living room will give you the motivation that you require to take your first area to the next level.

1. Living Room on Bolshaya Nikitskaya

Photo by Anna Kovalchenko Interiors

Temporary formal carpeted living room photograph with snowy walls and a tv stand. In almost every situation, the finest place to droop a curtain at the ceiling line. This way you can make small areas look bigger, and large areas look outstanding.

2. Cool DIY Living Room

Photo by Lauren Edith Andersen

Industrial intermediate quality wood floor and brunet floor living room idea with taupe walls. Often, you can use emissary items to reuse for your design. For example, you might find attractive organizers or plates for a wall display in your kitchen that you can put in your living room.

3. Scandinavian Style Living Room

Photo by Louise de Miranda

Stimulation for a Scandinavian living room refashions with silver walls. Thus, a Dutch family ornamented their home in a Scandinavian stylishness with plenty of DIY fixtures. For the holidays, they sustained a modest scheme and shade palette.

4. Living Room in Dartry

Photo by Houseology

Example of a small trendy vinyl floor and white floor living room design in Dublin with white walls and no fireplace. The circular table in this small, open-plan room can be picked up and moved when more space is needed. Choose a table with a single leg, which allows people to sit comfortably around the surface.

5. Roon & Rahn Living Room

Photo by Mia Mortensen Photography

Illustration of a mid-sized Danish official and fenced light wood floor living room with silvery walls. Whereas, the simple characters of the room enhance the midcentury fixtures. Also, the disposition added with the ornamentation all around.

Apartment Living Room Layout Ideas

Remember if you are googling, you will effortlessly come up with at least ten layouts ideas for your living room. You will be shocked at how many amalgamations are possible. Also, try to imagine the fixtures shards you already got that you can exchange with the one in the living room.

1. AURA Living Room

Photo by Studio 7 Designs

An illustration of a modern upper-tier idea in Ahmedabad. In reality, studio seven designs build the modern design in India. They called their design as an AURA apartment living room of Vadodara.

2. J Apartment Living Room

Photo by Right Angle Studio

Photo of a modern living room idea in Singapore. Besides, the designer adds a sofa combined with dining seating. Generally speaking, all the fixtures purchased from Right Angle Studio.

3. Chelsea Living Room

Photo by Drew McGukin Interiors

Great fashionable open idea dark wood floor and brown floor living room snap with bleached walls. By and large, Drew McGuckin provides most of the Interiors to this apartment. This modern living room design is already common in New York.

4. Tel Aviv Living Room

Photo by Davidie Rozin Architects

Inspiration for a modern living room renovation in Tel Aviv. For the most part, color tone and light above covering in the dining island. Davide Rosin Architects made this fabulous design in about a month.

5. Flatiron Living Room

Photo by Chango & Co.

Mid-sized provisional proper and open idea dark wood floor living room with a wall-mounted tv. Ultimately, this contemporary New York apartment is awash in impartial hues. On the whole, Changi & Co provide all the interiors for this transitional living room design.

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Beautifying apartment living room is a task for you since of cramped areas and limited choices that you can use in the living room such as fixtures & decoration. Still, interior designers never give up by always find imaginative ideas to make the apartment looks spectacular and sophisticated. Therefore, make sure that you have got personalized your living room based on your requirements.

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