35+ Basement Laundry Room Ideas (On Decorating, Makeovers, and Flooring a Basement Laundry Room)

Basement Laundry Room Ideas. Mostly households choose to didn’t use their basement space. Maybe, it’s because they want to leave the basement to be alone in the dark. It tends to be utilized as the stockroom to save some unused things they have. But, in this modern era, basement not only became a dark and scary place. Some people like us still enjoy the downward journey to the basement. We can use basement as a lovely laundry room, bedroom, or maybe a family room.

In this cased, we transform our basement became a laundry room. You’ll have more room for anything like folding, sorting, ironing, storage, etc. The journey downstairs as well as upstairs would certainly be a great exercise for productive synergy. The main floor would be much less clutter. If you have a problem with pipes leakage, you won’t be worried because you are currently on the lowest degree of your house.

Talk about basement laundry room, you could come right here to take a look at some concepts you can use. If you intend to develop your basement laundry room, you ought to check out all of this web page. Also pick what’s the best basement laundry room design depending on the size, form, color, and so on.

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Basement Laundry Room Accessories

In choosing useful basement laundry accessories must have full consideration. You must select suit on your amount space of basement, based on your family need, and also based on your budget. Although the most important thing is you use it for your laundry room. Aside from a dryer and washer, this is standards accessories for your basement laundry room.

Iron and Ironing board

If you have space on your basement laundry room, setting up a station to iron your work clothes before hanging them in your storage room is an added convenience. You can set up a wall-mounted cupboard with a pull-out ironing board, or hang a shelf to hold an ironing board up until it’s needed.

Bins and Baskets

You’ll need containers for holding both dirty and also clean clothes. Cabinets with pull-out hampers are helpful if you have space, but if your room is limited, the very best option might be a little counter-top on which you can place baskets. You can even install hanging washing bags over your washer and also clothes dryer to conserve space.


Besides having an area for clothes that dry on wall mounts, you’ll want to have racks that will accommodate sweaters and other garments that need to be dried out level. Some layouts enable the shelf to pull out as well as withdraw from a wall surface cupboard as required.

Add Sink

Have a room for a sink in your basement laundry room is a good idea, you’ll have an area for folding as well as closets for storage below. At a minimum, a utility sink is a good suggestion to soak garments when needed.


If you have the area, there are lovely ideas with adding a touch of charm or fancifulness to your basement laundry room. Beautiful wall surface art and also quite home window drapes can add a dashboard of design to your laundry room. Hang wall surface paper or paint a preferred shade on the wall surfaces (or wall) to transform the room into an area you look forward, and also it is merely a way to do laundry.

Basement Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

In making a basement laundry room, we must consider the style and design of it. The design of your basement laundry room must be based on your want and need, as long as you will use that room mostly every day. That’s why; it will become essential to decorate your basement laundry room.

Simple Laundry Room

Photo by Dependable Renovations

All the basement laundry room designed for specific purposes; every single person does that. So, it will good if your only add a useful utilizes on that room. Add a washer, dryer, iron board, closet, and also the sink will might this basement laundry room simple, but fully multiplicative.

Big Space Laundry Room

Photo by Pentyak

Have a medium-big basement laundry room space will make you easier to decorate it. You can add all tools and utilizes you need to support the laundry activities. Also, more areas in the laundry room make us able to have a big closet or cabinets.

Fresh Basement Laundry Room

Photo by Michael Alan Kaskel

Basement laundry room placed under our house, it will look darker than the main floor. It will be our challenge to transform that basement to be a nice place. Using white color combined it with a natural basket, closet, and wood might be the acceptable option. Also, have enough light from outside will bringing a fresh and airy atmosphere.

Using Soft Color

Photo by Mastes Edge

Using dark tile as a floor materials of your basement laundry room maybe will make it look dull. So, combined it with lightening color is very recommended. Blue and white color can be the best color; its colors can make the room to brighten and reflected light.

Glossy Red Washer

Photo by All Country

How many launder you do in a week, maybe 2 or 3. At least you do once in a week. Then, to make it enjoyed, you can use utilized or tools you like. Maybe using a colorful and elegant washer will be a mood booster while washing. Also, have a private and comfy basement laundry room.

Bright White Laundry Room

Photo by Cristin Norine

White is a great color to make your room look fresh, clean, and big. Same as your basement laundry room, it must well be treated. Start to applying white color-way for whole space of that room. Ranging from cabinets, closet, tops, and wall can using in white color.

Maximum Space Basement Laundry

Photo by CRS Renovation

Basement laundry room not always use expensive tools and accessories. It’s a steal deal for you to use an inexpensive option, although it most valuable things on laundry time. Moreover, only using useful accessories in your basement laundry room will reduce the costs.

Basement Laundry with Plumbing

Photo by Mark IV

Basement laundry room with plumbing is a perfect idea. It will make you easy to use washer and dryer machine. Then, smart using of nooks to have a closet and cabinets to put all your garments.

Unique Wallpaper Laundry Room

Photo by Leon. T

Using patterned wallpaper for your basement laundry room is one of the best options. It might your laundry room look unique. Also, the optimized of the area is one of the critical points. With perfect adding of cabinets and sink will make a laundry room look well organized.

Crafted Laundry Room

Photo by Leawood

Use your basement laundry room as a place for you to express your crafting ideas. Or, maybe your child can express their feeling in crafting too. Also, basement laundry is able for you maximized it with another use, like storage or depot.

Basement Laundry Room Flooring Ideas

In decorating our basement laundry room, the floor is extraordinary things we need to focus. Because the floor will be an essential aspect for us while doing launder, it can be our mood booster, or maybe support us while we do launder.

Use a Mat

Photo by France Larose

Contemporary basement laundry room always uses tile or ceramic material for the floor. But, sometimes we bored to see it, so you can add a mat to make the floor unique.

Bamboo Floor Laundry Room

Photo by Bellweather

You like fresh and natural atmosphere, using a bamboo floor is the best. That color can you combine with white pigment, plants, and bright light to make your laundry room look fresh and clean.

Old Style Ceramic Tile

Photo by Columbia Tile

This floor design is suitable for you who like a classic style. This ceramic tile floor will make your time traveling to the past. On the other hand, that floor can combine with all theme of your laundry room.

Black Porcelain Tile

Photo by Roomsecret

With black porcelain tile floor will make your room look elegant. You can add that floor to your basement laundry room. It makes your laundry room look sophisticated and expensive style.

Blue Color Tile Design

Photo by Lion Builder

Feel bored in using contemporary floor design. You can use this floor design for your basement laundry room. Blue color tile combined with natural wood of cabinets, and sleek white of washer machine make your laundry room look glamours.

Small Basement Laundry Room Ideas

Not all of us have a big space in our basement. But, most of us need a basement laundry room. So, to solve that problem, we can make a small basement laundry room. The small basement laundry must fully of useful things for us, to support our washing time.

One Wall Optimized

Photo by Jennifer

Only have small space of the basement laundry room; it will storm for you to utilize it. Using one wall design of tools and washer can optimized use of the tiny place.

Maximum Nook

Photo by Sealy Design

Sometimes, most of us not using our basement nook in a perfect way. You can use your basement nook as a laundry room. You can transform that nook became a useful place for you to wash.

Hidden Laundry Room

Photo by NW Architectural

Have minimal space in your basement, make a basement laundry room like this. Only using a small area of your basement, and you can modify it with slider door to make it disappear.

Well Organized Basement Laundry

Photo by Karin Bennett

Who said you could put everything you need in a small space?. This design will brake it, this tiny basement laundry room design using every single inch of the area. It allows you to put something useful to support laundry work.

Farmhouse Small Laundry Room

Photo by Ace and Whim

Wood and white color is a perfect combination for bringing up farmhouse style. You can apply it to your small basement laundry room. It will look unique. Also, you can use farmhouse tools typically and utilize.

Basement Laundry Room Storage Ideas

While doing a launder, sometimes we need more space to our garments. Which is for clean and dirty clothes. Add a valuable storage to put that all things is very smart option.

Cabinet and Hanger

Photo by Woodmaster

Cabinets and hangers will be the best option for your laundry closet. It allows you to put many clothes in there; also you will easy to find it.

Using Wall

Photo by Chicagoland

Using your wall to add cabinets, drawers, and hangers as a storage place for your basement laundry room is very lovely. You can combine it with grey color to make that storage look like a wall.

Perfect Shelves

Photo by Kelly and Company

Transform your wall became shelves to put laundry things, like a detergent, softener, perfume, etc. Also, you can use the wall to put something meaningful for the laundry room.

Big Space of Storage

Photo by DJB Photography

Have a prominent area on your basement, and it will make you easy to add significant storage. You can put all kinds of storage in there, and it still looks well organized.

Have an Iron Table

Photo by PBH Design

Every inch of your basement laundry room is precious. Try to maximize it, start from the wall, the nooks, and floor. Also, don’t forget to add an iron table in there.

Basement Laundry Room Wall Decor

The basement was always showing tedious view, and it makes us not enjoyed washing time. So, to make that feeling gone, decor your basement laundry wall is essential. It will give us a unique overview of our basement laundry room.

Ceramic Tile Wall Decor

Photo by CVI Design

Using tile as your wall decor is an unusual design, but it will make your kitchen look unique because that tile can combine with other things, like a wood shelve and wall cabinets.

Simple Art Decor

Photo by Emily Blonigen

Small basement laundry room space might be hard for you to decor the wall. You will use all area of fence to add cabinets, shelve, hanger, etc. However, you still can add a pure art or painting to decor your empty wall, using a small size of it can be the best option.

Laundry Room Sign

Photo by Sean Dooley

Make a letter sign to show your family or guest of your basement laundry room is good. It will make your family easier to find the place; also it will be a wall decor of your laundry room.

Wall Painting Decor

Photo by Cristopher Stark

Have enough budget in decorating your basement laundry room. Try to make this mural art painting decor. The view of your laundry room will show your family and quest admiration.

Useful Wall Decor

Photo by Jo Alcorn

You can make a simple design of wall decor by using the ceramic tile as the main focus of the wall decor. It’s combined with a simple painting on the corner. Then, the perfect placing of the window makes this laundry room look dull and suit.

Basement Laundry Room Ideas with Top Loading Washer

Generally, the top-loading washer needs special treatment. Because we need more space on a top, to make us easy to load our dirty and clean clothes.

Half Wall Design

Photo by Castle and Building

Half wall design of basement laundry room, it provides enough space for your in using top loading washer. Also, the window above makes you will have enough light while washing.

Good with Wall Cabinet

Photo by Tailored Living

Sometimes we hard to have a wall cabinet above the top-loading washer. Although it still has a chance to do it, you can use a short washer machine or maybe you can add small wall cabinets in your basement laundry room.

Combined It

Photo by Farm Kid

You can combine a top-loading washer and contemporary dyer. It might give you another chance to load your clothes while you dryer it too.

Two Washer

Photo by Kallan Mac Leod

Have two washers is still a good option if you have enough amount. It will save our time while washing, so we can do another thing coincide.

Perfect Sizing

Photo by Webber Coleman

Perfect calculating on making a wall cabinet can be a critical aspect. It will make you have enough space for your top-loading washer. Also, provide enough space for you, but always lovely to look and use.

Basement Laundry Room Before and After

In designing a basement laundry room must have the right guidance. With this before and after pictures and explanation, will make you more comfortable in creating your best basement laundry room.

Corner is Gold

Foto by Eric Craton

This before and after design will make you can imagine, corner of your basement laundry room is gold for you. You can transform a corner became the best area of the laundry room.

Full Utilize of Space

Photo by Smart Space

With this design, you will have an idea of making a basement laundry room. You can transform unused area became a cabinet and storage.

Clever Storage

Photo by Becky Sanders

In using your storage as the principal purposes of your basement laundry room. The tidy laundry room will influence your productivity in washing time.

Small Space Nook

Photo by O’neil Interiors

Transform your basement nook became a useful place. You can transform unused nook became a useful basement laundry room.

Change the Theme

Photo by Rick’s Custom

Change your old-style basement laundry room became a modern and elegant laundry room. You can use the newest washer, stylish cabinet, and decorate the wall.

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