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40+ Bedroom Curtain Ideas (For Master, Small, and Children Bedroom)

Bedroom Curtain Ideas. Every room in your home, the bedroom will look bad and unfinished when it does not have curtains. Bedroom curtain ideas do more than merely personal privacy in this extremely private area at home. They add an aspect of softness and also a cushion against the outside world. Allow’s encounter facts: Every person wants the bedroom to be a retreat from the harried daily life, an area to relax and obtain relaxed sleep each night.

Besides a supportive and also comfy location to have a rest, curtains are the other crucial element to shut out from the world beyond. The bedroom curtain can take numerous forms, types and also styles, so take a look at these bedroom drape suggestions and see which ones might help produce the relaxed theme of your dreams.

How to select the best bedroom curtain color?

Selecting the best curtain for your bedroom is very important; one of the critical issues is in choosing the color. These are the best guidance for you to choose the perfect curtain color for your bedroom.

Keep It Neutral

If you have utilized solid color on your walls, you can tone down the total look by using a curtain in a neutral color. White curtains deal with both warm as well as trendy wall colors. For something much less stark, select cream color, sparkling wine or buttercream drapes with warm-colored walls, and oyster or dove gray for wall surfaces painted with fantastic color.

Repeat the Wall Color

For a color-coordinated appearance with patterned drapes, make sure pattern includes at least a little bit shade of the wall. If your wall colors are a white or cream color, select a model with a white or ivory history. If you have chosen a colorful wall, you can duplicate the shade in the fabric pattern’s background or foreground style. You do not have to hold out for a specific color suit in either issue. As long as the color in the pattern disappears than two tones lighter or darker than the wall color, the eye sees it as a duplicated shade.

Select Complementary Shades

Complementary shades sit opposite each various on a color wheel. Though the complementary color design is classic, the contrast is often too great to make use of solid-colored drapes with solid-colored walls. Instead, temper the comparison with a fabric material that blends a neutral with your wall surface color’s enhance. If you have a blue wall color, the corresponding shade is orange. For the curtains, you can make use of an orange-and-ivory red stripe or an orange-and-white quarter-foil pattern.

Make It Monochromatic

For a traditional appearance with solid-colored curtains, choose fabric material in the very same color as your wall shade. However, you can go with a darker or lighter version. For example, you can pick burnt-orange curtains color if you have an apricot wall or the other way around. If you prefer a subtler color distinction, stay within two to three tones of the wall surface color.

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After you know what color will be suitable for your bedroom, these are 40 curtain ideas for your bedroom based on its’ style and magnitude.

Master Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Our master bedroom must be decorated well because we almost spend most of our time there. So, it this the best curtain ideas for your master bedroom.

Elegant Blue Curtain

Photo by Domus Nova

Choosing the perfect color curtain, which is a match to your bedroom, is the right idea. With pinch pleat curtain design make your bedroom look glamour and elegant.

Rustic Master Bedroom

Photo by Shah Parviz

Natural wooden color always bringing rustic atmosphere to your bedroom. Also, valance curtain for that big window, make your bedroom look beautiful and toned with the atmosphere of this room.

Simple Curtain with Blind

Photo by Stephanie Dunning

This contemporary curtain design, with burlap material and combined with a sheer white curtain. This curtain design is easy to connect with every-type of bedroom style.

Roman Pattern Curtain

Photo by Lancaster’s Design

The design of the floor curtain is beautiful to add to your bedroom. This classic design of master bedroom curtain is perfect blending with the style of the bedroom. The bedroom furniture of classic cabinets, bed, dresser, etc really bringing classic atmosphere.

Classic Bedroom Curtain

Photo by Fiona Campbell

Full window treatment with your curtain can be the best option. Like this curtain design, classic royal curtain with valance. It makes this bedroom look unique and like a kingdom bedroom look.

Ceiling to Floor Curtain

Photo by Eric Roth

This curtain design is bringing a cozy and fresh feeling to this bedroom. With intoned color with the room, also simple patterns of the curtain, and adding a white valance is a charming idea. It makes this bedroom became an enjoyed place for us.

Empty Space Design

Photo by Cherry Hill

Hidden tab curtain design is beautiful for you to apply on your bedroom window. Ceiling to floor curtain length will make your bedroom covered well. Then, use a patterned curtain will make your bedroom look more delicate.

White Farmhouse Curtain

Photo by Kurtis Miller

White always be the perfect color for all your bedroom curtain. Indeed, this curtain is suitable for this farmhouse bedroom style. Rod pocket with white cotton material makes this curtain come pop-up with a simple form of the farmhouse.

Transparent Curtain

Photo by Mollywinn

This curtain using linen as the material, it makes this curtain still come in the natural light. This curtain is a good option for you who want to have natural light in the morning.

Bay Window Bedroom Curtain

Photo by Grandeur Design

This glamorous master bedroom must have a perfect design of curtain. With a big bay window, you must set two curtain style. Install an expensive pinch pleat curtain as a decor of this bedroom, then combine with modern curtain design to covered form outside and still maintaining bay window style.

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Bedroom Curtain Ideas Small Rooms

Sometimes it will hard for us to decorate our small bedroom; also it happens in choosing the curtains. We must search for a suitable curtain for a small room. To solve that problem, you can see these bedroom curtain ideas for a small room.

Navy Blue Curtain

Photo by Anouska Tamony

Box pleat curtain design with dark navy blue color inline with bed color make this bedroom well color organized. Also, with that color, make your room have absolute privacy, and lest of light when the curtain closed.

White Fabric Curtain

Photo by Ulle Studio

White color is a perfect color for a small place. As same as a small bedroom, using rod pocket curtain with white color. Also, the cotton material of this curtain makes this cozy and fresh.

Pop-up Green Color

Photo by BSW Design

Using pop-up color for your curtain as long as is it intoned with the atmosphere of your bedroom will be cute ideas. This eye and grommet curtain with pop-up green color make this room have a happy-nest feeling.

Simple Red Curtain

Photo by Natasha Titanoff

Have small rustic bedroom design, and still maintaining the wood color on furniture. Using this red eyelet curtain will be an excellent solution for you. It will blend with the theme of wood color on your bedroom.

Tropical Curtain Style

Photo by Kmiecik

Have a small room space sometimes bringing the tight feeling. So, to solve it, you can use a big window to make your bedroom airy and fresh. Then, using tropical pattern of curtain can support that feeling to come out ideally.

Elegant Curtain and Blind

Photo by Followgrey

This pinch pleat curtain design perfectly combined with the theme of this bedroom. Using palette white colorway, make this room cozy and tidy.

Bedroom Curtain Ideas Small Windows

Another problem is choosing the perfect curtain for small windows. Although we only need to search what is the suitable curtain for a small window. These are some ideas of bedroom curtain for small windows.

Lovely Baby Blue Color

Photo by Jane Beiles

This curtain design comfortable for daughter bedroom. Baby blue color of the curtain and combined with valance make the small window of your daughter well covered with stylish design.

Striped Pattern Curtain

Photo by Munroe

Goblet curtain floor with striped pattern intoned with the style of your bedroom. It will make your small window well cover, and make your bedroom look elegant.

Traditional Floor Curtain

Photo by Robert Peacock

This striped pattern curtain is a traditional curtain pattern. But, it is still beautiful to apply to your small window bedroom. Just combine it with the style of your bedroom and furniture.

Curtain with Bamboo Blinds

Photo by Eric Roth

Have a small window, but you want to install a beautiful curtain. Using this pinch pleat curtain with bamboo blinds can be the best option. It will make your windows have a different look.

Blue Color

Photo by Aubuchon

This curtain with blue color same with a colorway of your bedroom, make this room pleasant to look. Also, using this sheers window design with a small window size is delightful ideas.

Bedroom Curtain Ideas With Blinds

The curtain will make us have a private place in our bedroom. On the other hand, we need to open it little, but we still need our privation, by using this blinds will make us still have a private place with an open curtain.

Gold Tailored Curtain

Photo by Traditional Bedroom

Floor curtain ideas always bring an elegant view of your bedroom. Combined with gold color also make this room glamours. But, the blinds design make it covered form outside.

Elegant Curtain Set

Photo by Trindade & Bird

The curtain with pelmets and combined with sheers blinds make this bedroom curtain well decorated. It makes this bedroom have enough natural light, to make the elegant color and design of this room come out.

Semi-Opaque Curtain Style

Photo by Nicole England

This fabric curtain material still bringing natural light from outside, but sometimes it doesn’t enough. So, in applied a white fabric blinds can be the solution.

Lining Curtain Design

Photo by Nachna

Have a big space in the bedroom, and need more natural light from outside. But still covered from the world, using this curtain and blinds design will be suitable for yours. It brings more light and a beautiful view of the curtain.

Wave Blinds Curtains

Photo by Decolang

Using contemporary fabric curtain with dark color will cover all light to come inside. You can use this stylish blinds design; it makes you have enough light and still have privacy.

Classic Pattern Blinds

Photo by Pomah

Fabric blinds always be the best material for our bedroom. Combined it with lining curtain design, and classic style of the bedroom will make it awesome.

White Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Some of us like to choose white color for our bedroom. White color always is a vibrant color for the bedroom; it makes our bedroom clean and fresh.

Everything is White

Photo by Emerald Coast

This white rod pocket curtain is lovely to combine with a bedroom with the white colorway. This curtain will bring enough natural lighting form outside; also, it will sheers curtain if you closed it.

Blue Floor Pattern Curtain

Photo by Alexa Miller

Blue is another color, which is can combined with all the situation of your bedroom. This white bedroom color is still perfectly blended with those curtains style and color. It still maintains the atmosphere of this white bedroom.

Shine Red Curtain

Photo by Kenneth Davis

Try to be opposite of white bedroom color is a smart idea. Like this bedroom curtain design, we are using red color for all the curtain. It makes our bedroom have a symphony of color.

Flamingo Curtain Color

Photo by Michale J.Lee

Bay window on white bedroom sometimes hard to decorate it. But, with this curtain track hanging system can be the solution to solve it. Then, the pink flamingo color also makes this bedroom feel cozy.

India Curtain Style

Photo by Sew Stylish

This India curtain style will make your white bedroom look unique. It makes your bedroom look different, and combined with valance also make this curtain beautiful.

Best Bedroom Curtain for Children

Same like our bedroom, children bedroom curtain must be treated like our bedroom curtain. We must choose the best curtain for our children bedroom. It will make our children enjoyed the room, also make the bedroom feel cozy and roomy.

Dark Blue Curtain

Photo by Exceptional Frames

This rod pocket curtain design with dark color in line with the wall color make this kids bedroom enjoyed. Also, the decoration of the bedroom supports the atmosphere of it.

Purple Curtain Design

Photo by Exceptional Frames

Curtain with pop-up color is adorable for your daughter bedroom. It makes that room look happiness and became the enjoyed place for your daughter to play.

Valance Curtain Design

Photo by Rare Additions

This valance curtain is suitable for your girls. The prince’s style of this curtain makes your girl’s bedroom look charming.

Girls Bedroom Window Treatment

Photo by Michael Maynard

Full window treatment for your daughter bedroom, with a valance, panels, and tie back. It makes this bedroom very well organized to decorate the windows. Also, the color is very suitable for your daughter bedroom.

Boy’s Small Basement Bedroom

Photo by Mars

This small basement curtain design using a simple way of rod pocket. With the white color and simple striped patterns. Make this curtain design suitable for your boy’s bedroom.

Nursery with Bamboo Blinds

Photo by Eric Roth

This nursery bedroom only using a simple design, furniture, and color. Those things also combined with pinch pleat curtain design. Moreover, bamboo blinds design make this bedroom can customized amount of lighting

Pure White Kids Bedroom

Photo by Mollywinn

Sheers white curtain design is suitable for your kid’s bedroom. Then, the tab top curtain style also makes this bedroom look fresh and airy.

Lovely Twin Daughter Curtain

Photo by Evoque Design

This twin bedroom design is one of the best-decorated room. With love pattern wallpaper and pink colorway, also supported with a curtain which has the same pattern of the wall. This curtain design make your daughter bedroom colorful and charming.

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