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Charming and Beautiful Bedroom Ideas for Women 2020

For some women, a bedroom is their favorite place. It becomes the reason why they often decorate this room uniquely. Moreover, choosing the best design for a woman’s bedroom is both an easy and hard thing to do. Fortunately, there are a lot of bedroom ideas for women available, starting from a simple one to those with luxurious looks.

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What does every bedroom for women need?

Even though not all women have a similar interest in having bedroom style, what they need might not be different. Moreover, most women’s bedrooms have several essential things, including furniture, decorating items, accessories and many others. For a complete explanation, here are several things that every woman might need in their bedroom.

1. Functional furniture

Among all of the furniture, a bed is the most important one. However, adding storages or other additional furniture should not be left behind, especially if you have extra space. Besides, a nightstand is very functional too since it is handy and reachable for storing small things that you often need while on the bed.

2. Socket and light source

Socket and light are two things that every room with the electricity needed. Nevertheless, make sure you have convenient sockets that are safe to use. Then, proper light sources are essential too, for example, light dimmers, chandeliers, or even windows for natural light. 

3. Artistic wall decor

Decoration items play an essential part in showing the room’s style. Commonly, it includes extra stuff such as beautiful wall arts, hanging photo frames, paintings, and many other collections.

4. Essential accessories

Mirror, a fluffy rug, or string lights are only a few things that women need in their bedroom. Usually, it helps to decorate and fits the room’s style. Besides, it helps the owner to do their everyday activity.

5. Comfortable workspace

Besides resting, women love to work from their bedroom. That is why it is essential to provide a comfortable space for working.

How to make my room look feminine?

Although several bedrooms often have a combination of feminine and masculine, it is also excellent if you choose one of them. The feminine bedroom has softer colors, specific patterns, and girly accessories. If you decide to have this type of room, here are some criteria that you can apply.

1. Apply soft colors

A feminine room often appears in softer colors such as pastels or neutrals. Also, consider using warm metallics as an accent color like copper or rose gold. It creates a girly vibe and warm look.

2. Pick interesting shapes

While choosing shapes for your bedroom accessories, pick the one with soft and round edges. However, combining them with hard shapes such as geometric or lines is excellent too.

3. Get some decorative patterns

A feminine bedroom should look comfy and cheerful. Decorative patterns like florals and botanicals are perfect to have to increase the room’s feminine side. Besides, adding polka dots can also work well here.

4. Combine several type of textures and materials

When it comes to choosing textures, consider combining them, for example, soft with hard or matte with shiny. Additionally, feel free to use some variations of materials, including cashmere, chenille, cotton, linen, silk, and velvet. Those textures and materials help to create an exquisite style and charming look.

5. Choose fancy furniture and accessories

Having furniture with decorative flourishes is perfect for a feminine bedroom. You can pick based on its details, including carved or button tufting. Furthermore, adding several accessories like a vase with fresh flowers or cute pillows provide an artistic look. It helps to increase the performance of the interior.

Why are bedroom designs important for women?

Bedroom designs often represent the owner’s personality, especially for women. It becomes one of many reasons why this part of the house is essential. Besides, the great and suitable design allows the owners to relax while spending their time there. Thus, make sure you choose the right design and decor so that the room becomes more lively and fits your style.

Bedroom Ideas and Design for Women

Most women love having new designs in their bedrooms. However, some of us might be confused about choosing the one that can fit our needs and favorite style. It also includes the choice of colors, arrangement, or even accessories. For this purpose, we recommend these bedroom ideas and design for women.

1. Simple Bedroom Ideas for Women

If you live in an apartment, you might have a small bedroom. This design is one of the best small bedroom ideas for women. It looks perfect with white wall combined with pink patterns. Although the design seems simple, it is very comfy and bright.

2. Chic Bedroom Ideas for Women

Decorating a mid-sized bedroom with this shabby-chic style provides a simple and unique look. It has a combination of white walls and wood floor. Moreover, the installation of a stylish pendant and other awesome accessories gives a fashionable touch inside the room.

3. Unique Bedroom Ideas for Women

Decorating this bedroom wall by using a huge wallpaper provides a unique look. It fits the rug and the room’s variation of colors. Additionally, this bedroom has a great arrangement with plenty of accessories such as a map and a vintage vanity. It is perfect for women, especially with the use of red and white bedding.

4. Grey Bedroom Ideas for Women

Grey bedroom looks great to pair with white. Here, grey is the dominant color and white appears in several bedroom accessories. Both colors fit well with the addition of lighting and patterned pillows.

5. White Bedroom Ideas for Women

A white bedroom always fits with any color. In this room, we can find a pastel color on the chair and pillows. Also, the addition of a large wall art behind the bed creates a vintage accent. To conclude, the whole bedroom design shows a luxurious atmosphere and perfect for those who love a combination of traditional and elegant.

Apartment Bedroom Ideas for Women

Apartment bedroom is not so much different than the one we have at home. It also needs the right treatment and designs. If you are looking for great recommendations, these are some apartment bedroom ideas for women.

1. Peaceful Bedroom Ideas for Women

A mid-sized apartment bedroom may have a peaceful atmosphere with the right design. In this transitional bedroom, some furniture and accessories create a warm look, including the bedding, dim lighting, and fireplace. A touch of grey and white also works well to provide a fresh and dreamy design.

2. Modern Bedroom Ideas for Young Women

Living in a high apartment building, especially in this high floor room allows you to see a better view through a bedroom window. It has a contemporary design with dominant white color on the wall and a large glass window to get natural lights. Furthermore, a few small touches in the room create some tiny accent, including the wall art, grey sofa, and other accessories. 

3. Cute Bedroom Ideas for Women

Soft and feminine are the two main things we can recognize from this bedroom. It looks adorable with a beautiful blue and patterned headboard bed. Also, some huge tall windows allow natural lights to come from outside so that the room looks brighter.

4. Bedroom Ideas for Women in Their 20s

Since many women in their 20s need a bedroom with a comfy workspace, that is why this room design is perfect to have. Here, the living space and bedroom are in one place so that the bed and the seating area are on one side. Moreover, a small and comfortable workspace is excellent to have near the window. It provides more natural lights and fresh air from the outside.

5. Bedroom Ideas for Young Women

While mid-sized bedrooms have small free spaces, this one decides to have a wall bed that can provide larger space when it is folded. Its design looks great for young women with a large wardrobe, open shelves, and a sliding door. Besides, the bed is easy to fold, and you can use the free space to relax.

Small Bedroom Ideas for Women

Small bedroom may have limited space, but it does not limit your opportunity to find the perfect design. Among so many ideas available, we have chosen some of them as the best recommendations. Therefore, here are several small bedroom ideas for young women.

1. Bedroom Ideas for Women Turquoise Colors

Turquoise walls create a beach vibe in this bedroom. Along with an artistic patterned wallpaper, this whole room design is suitable for teenage girls. Additionally, the choice of the white bed and open shelves fits perfectly with the room atmosphere.

2. Pink Bedroom Ideas for Women

Flower patterned pink walls become a center of attention in this contemporary bedroom. Its design shows a feminine touch, along with colorful furniture and accessories. Besides, the use of a purple rug fits well with the room’s color.

3. Teenage Bedroom Ideas for Women

Teenage girls might love a contemporary look in their bedrooms. Similar to this room design, it applies a dominant white touch with fashionable furniture. Also, the addition of a large wardrobe and other storage spaces allows the owner to store their stuff properly.

4. Bedroom Ideas for Women with Vanity

Shabby-chic style bedrooms always look fancy and adorable. Here, the bedroom appears in warm colors and consists of some unique shaped furniture. Furthermore, a large green vanity completes the room space along with several mirrors with gold frames.

5. Bedroom Ideas for Women Blue and Gray

Dark blue and light grey create a perfect shape of colors. This bedroom has those two shades that fit perfectly with the choice of bedding, accessories, and transitional furniture. In short, women who are interested in simplicity and tidiness might love this design.

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Women

Having a small bedroom does not mean you cannot own and put decorating items to your bedroom. However, it might be tricky for those who own so many things because of the limitation of space. Thus, take a look at several decorating items and bedroom decorating ideas for women that you might need to have.

1. Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet

Unlike any other standing mirrors, this one has a secret storage space inside it. It is excellent for storing jewelry or skincare products. Also, this cabinet looks luxurious with automatic LED lights and black velvet lining.

2. Small Hanging Planter

Having a small indoor plant is not impossible, and it is beautiful for room decor. This attractive hanging planter comes in geometric shape and elegant design. It is perfect for succulent, cactus, or small flowers.

3. Zigzag Corner Shelf

A zigzag shelf is perfect for displaying small home decor and other items, such as photo frames, artificial plants, or even books. It saves more space and is perfect for small rooms. Besides, it is easy to mount and suits any decor.

4. Soft Fur Rug

Whether small or large fur rugs, both are always fascinating to have. If you decide to get the small one, this rug is suitable for a feminine bedroom. It was made of artificial wool at the front side and white suede on the back.

5. Round Knit Chair

It is best to have a floor chair that can provide a comfortable space for sitting. This round knit chair has that category. Besides, it is lightweight and sturdy with cotton and bean bag filling.

6. Colored Lamp Shade

Lampshade color plays an important part in decorating a bedroom. Similar to this one, its fabric shade has a light pink touch and is very suitable for women rooms. Since this lamp is available in many colors, you can also choose based on your favorite.

7. Handmade Wall Art

Wall art is also important for bedroom decoration. As an example, this hanging wall decor is excellent for a woman’s bedroom. It is handmade and made of cotton that looks charming and perfect for the bohemian room. 

8. Rustic String Light

String light in the bedroom not only functions as lighting, but it also looks beautiful as a decoration item. By using this rustic string light, your room will look warm and splendid. It is perfect to use in many different bedroom styles, including contemporary or farmhouse.

9. Prisma photo Display

A geometric frame is perfect for additional women’s bedroom decoration. Its shape does not look monotonous, and it looks very eye-catching. Besides, your photograph looks like it is floating with the frame’s technology.

10. Stylish Corner Shelf

With a wood and plastic tube, this shelf rack is durable enough to hold 10 lbs per shelf. It looks both simple and stylish at the same time. Also, you can use this shelf in any room without using additional tools.

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In conclusion, women bedrooms have so many styles and designs. However, it depends on the owner’s choice, whether they want it to look feminine or simply natural. As we have discussed before, choosing decorating items and accessories should not be done randomly. Therefore, several points above include the best bedroom decor ideas for women that might be helpful for yours.

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