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Modern Eat-In Kitchen Ideas (Ideas of Decoration and Remodeling Eat-In Kitchen Layout)

Eat-In Kitchen Ideas. Kitchen is undeniably the heart of the home. For an entire family in this world to eat, talk, or share. Unfortunately, separate dining and kitchen are out vague over the decades. So, it comes to an excellent idea to combine it both, dining and kitchen room. That is because in this casual lifestyle. You can eat and cook in one room; it will make time effectively. An Eat-In kitchen will make multitasking for the banquette. It will be the place for friends and family to hang out and can be an additional food prep and meal area.

Besides that, the ideas to make an eat-in kitchen not only use one configuration. You can create an eat-in kitchen style based on your creativity. The example you can add only chairs, or add a table. Or, maybe you want to combine both of it, it’s whatever you want. Instead, the eat-in kitchen will make your kitchen room suit. That’s why the eat-in kitchen has grown in popularity.

Pros and Cons of Eat-in Kitchen Layout


  • The open kitchen is better in entertaining
  • Still, contact with your quest while preparing a meal
  • Particularly suitable for a modern and contemporary home
  • More natural light from other rooms and window


  • Must have custom cabinets instead of standard ones.
  • Inconveniences of noise, smell, and smoke

So, it is based on your consideration in decorating your kitchen became an eat-in kitchen design. To make you easy to make it come true, I will give you some ideas about the most popular eat-in kitchen.

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Eat-in Kitchen Decoration Ideas with Pictures:

1. Small Area Eat-in Kitchen

Photo by Hart Wright Architects

Did you have a big dining room area?. You must think about how to make it useful. Separate the dining room, and make a small kitchen area. You can separate them with low counter-tops, then add bar seating. Your family will be able to eat in kitchen bar.

Then you can add a small kitchen table and seating for your dining room area. That area also will be ready for you to serve your quest.

2. Modern Grey Eat-in Kitchen

Photo by Urrutia Design

You have much money, and where will you spend it?. I think it will be worth it if you spend your money to remake your kitchen design. You can create a division between your kitchen and dining room. You can add an elegant table and seating.

Then, you can add luxury appliances from metal, and put a bright light. Furthermore, for the floor plans, you can add dark wood or white color for your kitchen floor.  

3. Eat-in Kitchen Window Treatment

Photo by Hope Restoration

You have a window near your kitchen. You can functionality it add a bench. The bench style will be friendly with L-shaped, or different look seating.

Also, you can combine it both of them. It will provide to save your kitchen space. Also, you can add some pillows to make them feel comfortable.

4. Half Round Table

Photo by RW Anderson Homes

U-styles seating for a banquette is famous right now. It makes your kitchen room corner useful. Also, in that shapes, you will able to have a big quest or a big family.

They can gather together to have breakfast or a meal. To make it look functionality, you can add matching seating.

5. Open Window Design

Photo by Spacecrafting

Does your kitchen have a big space? It makes you confused, how to make it useful. You can do this for your kitchen room. You can add seating and a large table for a banquette.

Put in on the middle of your kitchen. Using natural wood, and white color it will make your kitchen spacious.

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6. Island Table Eat-in Kitchen

Photo by Chester County Kitchen and Bath

It is for you had a small space in the kitchen. You have a smaller kitchen; you can make an island table style. An island table style provided for you doesn’t have a big kitchen. You can add a table and short stools.

It can take quickly to slide under the table. So, you will have enough space for work in the kitchen.

7. Sweat Eat-in Kitchen Apartment

Photo by Urban Myth

Are you live in an apartment?. Did you have a tiny kitchen?. But, you want to have a small eat-in kitchen style. I think you can optimist it with this style. A sweat banquette only needs a small table, and 2-3 chairs or stools.

Or, you can use benches chair for an alternative. Instead, you want to update it; you add pillows or cushions.

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8. Great View Eat-in Kitchen Layout

Photo by Ojanen_Chiou

This style is design to make your quest feel the airy and open place. You can put a table and chair in front of the window and door. It will make overlook outdoors

and provide a peaceful feeling.

You can optimize it with wooden table and mix the chairs. Also, you can give the color which makes comfort for a banquette.

9. Traditional Eat-in Kitchen

Photo by Pittam Associates

This style is unique for your kitchen. It will attract your quest, then say waw!. Antique chairs, wooden table, old style cabinets are fitting choice for your old style kitchen.

Add a little thing with small pops color. Also, the floor can you customize to an old style floor. Instead, the kitchen wall is the best ideas to change it too.

10. Mix Materials

Photo by Streeter & Associates

You want to taste old and modern kitchen style. It’s better for you to make this style. Mix materials style is combined the old forms and contemporary techniques of the kitchen. You can add modern appliances from sleek metal.

Also, you can add crystal chandeliers for the light. Then, for the old style, you can be customized with a new long table, antique chair, wooden floor, and rustic color. Instead, you can do the otherwise. It will make your kitchen look amazing.

Tips and Tricks to Upgrade Your Kitchen:

There are a bunch of ideas for you to create a kitchen. But, you want to upgrade your it. Upgrade something will be based on your money valuation. Instead, you want to spend a lot of money to improve it.

The only thing you can upgrade with limited funds is the lighting. Lighting is an easy way to make a significant difference in your kitchen. These fixtures will make a statement, enhance your existing design, and brighten up your kitchen without costing you a fortune. You can choose the best lighting, then consider the function and also the price.

Before you upgrade your kitchen lighting. You have to concern to this point. Flash also has three-way to apply it. Some people use this three-way to administer their light. That is a common and functional way to put lighting on your kitchen.

Eat-in Kitchen Lighting Ideas:

1. First, we call it Ambient lighting way.

Ambient is a primary source of light. You can cast as much as you need for your kitchen. It based on your kitchen space, high of a ceiling, and the kitchen color.

2. Second, we call it Task lighting way.

Ambient lighting use to navigate throughout your kitchen. Also, ambient lighting often leaves some spaces with a shadow. That area must require focus lighting. With the help of Task lighting, that spaces will be the lighting.

3. Third, we call it Accent lighting way.

Accent lighting is the lighting to cherry up on top of your luxury kitchen. These light usually will accentuate for your favorite element on your kitchen. 

Eat-in Kitchen Lighting Ideas:

1. Pendant

Photo by Lennar Utah

A beautiful pendant light will make your kitchen fabulous. You can adjust the pendant light position. Hang pendant lower the table will make it more intimacy.

Or, maybe you want to hang pendant high over the counter or kitchen island. This pendant lighting not only provide the perfect light, it will make interest, flexibility, also breaking up the austere of the kitchen.

2. Chandeliers

Photo by Cameo Kitchens

Chandeliers will be the most excellent lighting. A beautiful chandelier will make your kitchen look fabulous. Although, it is hard to choose the best lights.

But, with the keen eye in selecting fixtures and smart placement, it will make you can enjoy the best chandeliers for your kitchen.

3. Close to ceiling

Photo by Nicely Done Kitchens

This light is for you do have an available high. The close to ceiling light likely use for a small kitchen. But, it can be used for a bigger kitchen, with add some additional light.

Close to ceiling light is allowed you to combine with pendant light. Also, you can customize the cover, or you can make the cover by your self.

4. Favorite shape and color

Photo by Nar Design Group

This style based on your ideal shape and color. You can make a light cover like a box, a circle, etc. shape. Or, maybe you want to make a pattern of your light.

Also, the color is base on your favorite color. Last, but not least, you must take consideration to choose the lighting based on your kitchen space.

Moreover, in this era, not all home has a big kitchen space. How about some people want to have an eat-in kitchen style, but they don’t have a big space?. Can they make it?. Yes, of course, let’s talk about some issues to make the eat-in kitchen in a small kitchen.

Eat in Kitchen Ideas for Small Kitchen:

1. Cut the clutter


Use your kitchen space effectively. Cabinets and open shelving it’s excellent for your small kitchen. Make sure to use cabinets shelving correctly. Limit the number of things in your kitchen, just keeping useful things.

2. Every corner is beneficial


Find the place in your kitchen is wasted, such as gaps between shelves, cupboard, refrigerator, below the sink. Using that place to put that thing you always use for cooking. Then, relocating items, you didn’t use every day.

Or, maybe you use it for one purpose. Also, think about the place in walls and door, you can add utensil rail, magnetic knife board, and racks hung over the door.

3. Portable Storage


Using portable storage in your small kitchen is a smart way. With the compact storage make your kitchen useful. Use it when you need it, and stuck away if you don’t. So, it will give you extra space for cooking.

4. Create Functional Island


You want to make an island eat-in kitchen. It will possibly, make sure you use every area. The table is a vast space to explore. Think to add cabinets in there; you can put a little thing in it. Such as spoon, fork, knife, or towel. Then, add mini stools for your seating.

5. Full Wall Cabinets


Did you still have an empty wall?. Please change your wall to cabinets. Installing cabinets on entire your wall. It will give more space to put your kitchen tools, item, or prep. This idea is an excellent idea for you, who don’t have any space to keep your kitchenware.

6. Adding Pot Rack


Fluttered to put all your heavy pans, you didn’t have any more space. Adding a pot rack will functional for you. You heavy pans can take up valuable space, but you need it every day for cooking. You can install pot rack above your dining table, or above your sink. Pot rack will make your small kitchen stylish.

7. Place a mirror


To make your kitchen look significant, you can add a mirror. You can put the mirror at cabinets, or in a backsplash. The mirror always makes a small room larger. It bases on your need, to add a big or small mirror.

8. Natural Looks

This design will make your small kitchen cozy. With the full of white color, it makes your kitchen larger. Then, the natural light from the windows. It makes your small kitchen bigger, so you can add eat-in kitchen style in your small kitchen.

Eat-in Kitchen Design Ideas in Pictures:

These bunch of pictures of eat-in kitchen ideas will make your imagination unlimited. You can combine the best design of the eat-in kitchen and also design, which is you love to have in your kitchen. Push your limit of designing eat-in kitchen layout with these picture, and then your kitchen will be the best kitchen layout in this era.


So, on remodel and decorate your kitchen must have a bunch of ideas to start it. These eat-in kitchen ideas will help you to figure out the best design for your kitchen. Start to make your eat-in kitchen layout and style. No matter it’s you do it by your self, or maybe you hired the expert. Eat-in kitchen style will be the best idea to remodel your kitchen to become the perfect place at home.

Mark Jansen Dean

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