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25+ Grey Kitchen Ideas (Modern Accent Grey Kitchen Design)

Grey Kitchen Ideas. Grey color become one of the favorite colors in this era. However, some reason people didn’t like the grey color because it brings dullness, modesty, boredom. But, right now, that assumption has gone. Grey color become the newest, modern, and cool to design our home. One of the unique ideas is grey kitchen design. Grey kitchen design brings an excellent breakthrough idea in designing our kitchen. It will make your kitchen look expensive and luxury.

Grey kitchen become a versatile color. Also, grey color can apply for any kitchenware or kitchen appliances. That thing can change to grey color such as a table, chair, cabinets, counter, etc. Furthermore, this grey kitchen will push us to use our creativity. This grey kitchen color will nice if you choose the right place to apply it. How do you do that?. These grey kitchen ideas will help you to select the best grey kitchen style.

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Grey Kitchen Ideas:

1. Wood Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Photos by Laurent Levant

The simple touch of wood for table and chair make this design has perfect blending with grey kitchen color. Using grey color for the counter of your galley kitchen is a nice idea. Also, using unique lighting make your kitchen look excellent.

Then, the wood floor makes this kitchen feel very comfortable. Also, this galley kitchen has modern appliances to make it look luxuries.

2. Soft Grey and White Style

Photos by Ellish Builders

This grey kitchen ideas is suitable for a standard kitchen. With galley kitchen style, but have more spaces to add more appliances. Like refrigerator, oven, and wall cabinets beside the galley kitchen.

Perfect choosing of soft grey color, make this kitchen look common but modern. Then, some appliances give a sleek grey effect to make this kitchen look expensive.

Moreover, excellent soapstone material of the counter makes this kitchen became on the perfect grey kitchen design for you.

3. Black and Grey Kitchen Style

Photos by Lucy Call

You have a galley kitchen design in your home, but hard to choose the styles. This grey kitchen ideas will bring your galley kitchen to a new style. Using grey, white, and black color give this kitchen an awesome look. The perfect place to apply the color is the key. Combination of that color makes this kitchen look superb.

Also, the natural light from outside makes this kitchen warm and cool. Then, using a grey table of eat-in kitchen style make this kitchen comfort for your quest and friend.

4. Light Grey Painted Style

Photos by Rory Corrigan

Grey kitchen with a lot of natural lighting is one good idea. The bright light from outside makes your grey kitchen airy and fresh. Also, this style makes your grey kitchen look bigger. Only using two colors, make this style bring simplicity but still nice cook there.

Furthermore, have an island with seating, giving a new style for this kitchen. With that eat-in kitchen style

, make the island became one of the best spots to take a break and meal, while you talk to your family.

5. Dark Grey Cabinets Style

Photos by Carmichael

Do want your kitchen look unique?. This dark grey kitchen style is best for you. Using a dark grey color for all of your kitchenware and appliances. Choose dark grey for your cabinets, hood, oven, and refrigerator. It will make your kitchen look unique and elegant.

Then, the combination of marble countertops makes this kitchen insane. Also, natural light from outside makes this kitchen look sunny. This grey kitchen style is very suitable for you, who like dark themes.

6. Galley Grey Kitchen Decor

Photos by Linberg

Some of us confuse to choose the perfect color for the kitchen. It became a nightmare to take the decision. But, this grey kitchen makes your mind blow. The clever combination of grey, soapstone, and wallpaper make this kitchen give a new touch of kitchen design. Grey color of floor cabinets and wall cabinets, then using soapstone materials for the countertops make this kitchen looking very nice.

Also, the perfect placing of the oven and electric stove in front of the window. Make those things sleek, because of the natural light from outside. Besides that, the floor also makes this kitchen look more simple but still cool.

7. Nice Grey Cabinets

Photos by Boyd’s

Did you have small home?. But, you want the newest kitchen style?. This kitchen style will be suitable for you. This kitchen gives you an idea of how to maximize your small space. With L-design of the kitchen, then an island with seating’s make your home space perfectly use.

Then, the grey color of all cabinets with a sleek touch of the appliances make this kitchen look modern and wide. Moreover, the wood island table makes this kitchen bringing farmhouse feeling. Also, the pendant lighting’s give simple luxuries touch for this kitchen.

8. Upscale Grey Kitchen Decoration

Photos by Gary Randolph

This kitchen brings new ideas to spend your money. Upscale appliances and kitchenware make this kitchen look very expensive. Also, you must have a huge space for this grey kitchen. With the newest appliances and sleek grey cabinets, also the high chairs.

Then, the island with marble stone materials and a pendant light above the island. This grey kitchen style will make you spend the amount to make it come true. But, have that bunch of money, this kitchen became one of the best grey kitchen styles.

9. Modern Grey Paint

Photos by Craig Kozun

Nice combination of dark grey, steel, wood will make this kitchen look awesome. Dark grey color for the cabinets and chair, then rustic wood for table and floor is a beautiful combination. Make this kitchen look modern and elegant.

Also, the eat-in kitchen style makes this kitchen will consume huge space. But, the proper place of appliances makes this kitchen look cozier. Then, using of newest appliances make this kitchen look up to date.

10. Grey U-shaped Style

Photos by Glenn Rogers

This u-shaped grey kitchen will suitable for your small kitchen. This kitchen style will save your kitchen space. But, with grey touch will make this kitchen bigger.

Also, the support from natural light makes this kitchen feel airy and fresh. With brave applying of grey color for each cabinet, and using white countertops will make this kitchen unsightly.

This kitchen only using two basic colors, it gives another option to add simple touch like plants or art to make this kitchen more alive.

11. Rustic Pale Grey Cabinets

Photos by Doug Ashy

Using a modern or contemporary style kitchen is the best ideas. But, using rustic style common for this age. With this rustic grey kitchen will bring pedestrian and traditional feeling. Using wood material on each appliance and kitchenware.

Also, the soft grey color supports that feeling. Then, the wooden floor makes this kitchen perfectly bringing the ancient feeling. This rustic grey kitchen is suitable for you, who like the traditional view and feeling.

12. Elegant Grey Cabinets and Floor

Photos by Bondy Valais

This galley kitchen is common using in this era. But, the insane creativity to applying the doff grey make this kitchen look superb. With the doff grey color change the view of this galley kitchen. Then, the combination of wood and steel make this grey kitchen look perfectly elegant.

Also, this kitchen bringing new ideas to change the kitchen view. This grey kitchen style is one of the masterpieces to apply in your kitchen.

13. Full Grey Kitchen Style

Photos by Leitch Westchester

Grey kitchen commonly has a combination with white or steel color. Because that color will support that grey kitchen to look beautiful. How about only applied grey color?. Yes, of course; you can do that.

This grey kitchen only using grey color for all appliances. Although to make it alive, you can combine with the white wall color or small touches of wooden. This grey kitchen is able for you to change it; it based on your creative power.

14. Natural Light Style

Photos by Susan Teara

This style contemporary using for big kitchen with many windows. This kitchen using grey color for each side, like the wall, ceiling, cabinets, chair, etc. So, what makes this grey kitchen special?.

The natural light from outside makes this kitchen look awesome. The natural light will make all of that thing sleek. It makes this kitchen look special. Also, the ceiling lighting supported this kitchen to look great.

15. Few Light Grey Styles

Photos by Sarah Whit

Grey kitchen commonly domination with grey color. But, this style is the opposite of it. Only add a few grey colors for each appliance. The rest of it using white color and marble stone.

However, this style still brings grey kitchen style; it based on placing of grey appliances. This style put grey color on the light, tools, etc.

Then, one of the pop-up grey colors is the grey marble stone for the countertops and the island table. This design is the breakthrough idea of grey kitchen.

16. Rustic Grey Combination

Photos by New Castle

This kitchen brings a new style for your kitchen. The combination of two colors in one design of the kitchen. Rustic wood materials of the cabinets and kitchen hood make this kitchen had a nice view.

Besides that, an island with grey rustic wood design also makes this kitchen have a different view. The perfect blending of grey and wood color make this kitchen became a unique style in this era.

But, the unique style makes this kitchen look very wonderful and eye-catching. Then, marble countertops also make rustic felling burst out.

17. Full Grey and White Style

Photos by Beth Singer

You like grey color, but it was always bringing the monotonous feeling. This grey kitchen will break that feeling. Change all your kitchenware and appliances with grey color will bring an excellent view.

This grey kitchen style makes that kitchen look luxury and expensive. The key is a combination of the intensity of grey color. Then, choosing the perfect appliances for your kitchen.

Also, the wall color mostly gives a significant effect for this kitchen.

18. Rustic but Modern

Photos by Home Design

This kitchen style is a combination of the rustic and modern grey kitchen. Using grey rustic wood material for cabinets and hood.

Then, some modern appliances like the stove, refrigerator, seating, sink. This kitchen is a full combination to make this kitchen special.

This grey kitchen style is suitable for you, who have a bunch of rare ideas.

19. Big Island Style

Photos by Studio Dearborn

Galley kitchen actually for small space. But, it is not a basic pattern. A galley kitchen can combine with big island table, with some seatings.

Moreover, the grey kitchen color makes this kitchen bigger and stylish. With the grey color of island, chair, cabinets, and some appliances make this kitchen look excellent.

Also, the big window bringing natural light make this kitchen look fresh and huge.

20. Gold, Yellow, and White Touches

Photos by Nick Kane

Grey kitchen always be most favorite design. But, want to add a new pop-up view. This design will appropriate for your kitchen. Change whole of kitchen color to grey, from the appliances until the ceiling and floor.

To make an excellent view, you can add pure gold color. That gold color can you apply on your cabinets, table, seating, or lighting. The most important is which place you apply that color to make it in tune.

21. Common Dark Grey Combination

Photos by Fredman Design

This style is a common style for the kitchen. With all grey color in each appliance. Also, using grey color for seating and table.

Then, using white color for the wall and countertops. This kitchen style is prevalent, but it’s always a good idea for you.

22. Blue and Grey Color

Photos by Hamza Eatwell

You very like to use grey color for your kitchen. I think better for you to use this style. Using natural grey color for cabinets and some appliances.

Also, pure white color for the wall makes this kitchen very common. But, the island has another grey. Using blue-grey color make this kitchen bring a different view.

The blue-grey color on the island makes this kitchen style became one of the best things you can do. In line with that, this design is straightforward for you to apply it.

23. Baby Pale Grey View

Photos by BTW Images

Using a baby grey color for your kitchen is one of the best ideas. It will make your kitchen look cozy. This kitchen style also supported by the rug. Then, the using of newest appliances make this kitchen look simple but flawless.

24. Nice Seating Style

Photos by Henderstone

This grey kitchen style is combining with the eat-in kitchen style. Using of sofa chair for your quest with grey color. Also, the table has a combination color of grey and white.

Then, grey lighting and appliances make this kitchen look very nice. Moreover, the excellent combination of the curtain and sofa pattern make this kitchen awesome.

25. Fresh Grey Style

Photos by Nathalie Priem

Did you have slide kitchen window?. Then, it can combine with outdoor kitchen?. Consider creating this grey kitchen. The dark grey of cabinets and some appliances.

Instead, the white color of the table, wall, and ceiling. Make this kitchen have a nice combination of color.

Also, the bright light from outside makes this kitchen look fresh and natural. This kitchen is good for you, who want to taste fresh air.

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