20+ Kitchen Basement Ideas (Basement Kitchenette Bar Pictures & Cost)

Kitchen Basement Ideas. Today, kind of basement not only a place for something useless. Basement can be a place for additionally. There are many uses for a basement. Most of them use for a laundry room, workout room, a home theater, family room, entertain quest room. For all the uses of the basement, it will better for you to add a kitchen on your basement. With a basement, the kitchen will make your life a bit easier. To add a kitchen basement is have a different way. It doesn’t have the same as you adding a kitchen on your main floor.

So, what is the kitchen basement itself?. Kitchen basement is a small kitchen that uses for basic food and beverage preparation activities. Basement kitchen/kitchenettes are gain to popularity right now. Right now almost every homeowner has they kitchenette for warm living areas. Basement kitchen/kitchenette became famous because only spend small cost and use only small spaces.

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Tips on Making Basement Kitchen

Then, how to build it on your unfinished or finish basement kitchen?. Before you start to make it and talk to your contractor. It will better for you to read some good advice on how to build a basement kitchen/kitchenette. Here are some issues to make a basement kitchen/kitchenette.

1.    Size

The size of your basement kitchen is smaller than your standard kitchen. But there are still have size variations, based on your basement space. The Basement kitchen only has a small cabinet, appliances, and a small counter. They only include basic necessity kitchen. It will be different you have a bigger basement space. You can add wall and floor cabinets, fridge, and appliances. The size of your basement kitchen/kitchenette is dependent on your need, family size, budget, and your basement space.

2.    Storage

In basement kitchen/kitchenette storage is essential. But, the demand for a big area is not necessary. Your basement kitchen storage depends on your need. Are you want to put much food? Who are you want to serve? What kind of agenda will you use on your basement kitchen/kitchenette?. Decide your best storage for your kitchenette.

3.    Appliances

Perhaps all of the devices can add in the basement kitchen. Even a kitchenette must have a proper instrument. But, it will difficult to add all of them with limited basement space. So, decided which appliances you need most. You can add a small microwave and a small fridge in your basement kitchen.

4.    Dry VS Wet, Bar

The wet bar has running water and sink. Plumbing requires for the wet bar. In other hands, the wet bar doesn’t have that thing. The wet bar only serves a beverage in the kitchen basement. So, what will you choose?. It depends on what you want to use that bar.

5.    Lighting

Lighting is necessary for your basement kitchen. Elegant and functional lighting will be goal ideas for you. Decided using the warm, beautiful, fresh, lighting on your kitchen. Sufficient light must cover all over your practical kitchen side.

6.    Ventilation

Proper ventilation is essential for your basement kitchen. In your kitchen will produce smoke, fumes, and odor. It will be dangerous for your family, friend and quest. You can add an electric chimney to solve it.

7.    Safety

To make your basement kitchen safe. You must include some safety tools. Like extinguisher fire, smoke alarm, sprinkles. Also, you must have an escape route, not far away from your kitchenette.

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How much Basement Kitchenette Cost?

The cost to build a kitchenette or basement kitchen depends on your need. What is your purpose of making it?. Build it for a family gathering, for your friend and quest.

Or, maybe you want to serve both of them. It will be your consideration in spending your money. Family gathering basement kitchen only has a floor cabinet, with mini-fridge, and microwave. Also, add a simple countertop and lighting.

In contrast, for your friend or guest, I think you must add a refrigerator and mini oven. Then, it better if you add subtle lighting, for example like pendant lighting.

You want to build more luxury basement kitchen because you have a high-class friend. You can add expensive chandeliers for lighting, modern appliances, full set tools. It based on what you want and what you need.

So, the cost of building a kitchenette or basement kitchen is base on your self. You want a luxury basement kitchen style; it will make you spend a lot of money. Instead, you want simple and suit basement kitchen, you will decrease your investment.

Let’s See Some Kitchen Basement Pictures:

1.    Simple Rustic Basement Kitchen

Sources onegoodthing.com

This basement kitchen has a wet bar with a marble stone countertop, floor and wall cabinets, microwave, mini-fridge. This design is good for, who like simple basement kitchen style.

2.    Bigger Space Basement Kitchen

Sources newspapirus.com

Do you have a bigger space of basement?. I think you can make a basement kitchen like this. You can add a big refrigerator, floor and wall cabinets, wet bar. Also, you can add stools for a guest to take a drink.

3.    Old Style Basement Kitchen

Sources pinimg.com

This basement kitchen is nice for who like the old style. This basement kitchen has cabinets with wood material. With the stone wall design, and soapstone makes more vintage style. Then, the soapstone floor has perfect combination with the basement kitchen ideas style.

4.    Wet Bar Basement Kitchen Utilization

Sources secretsocietyph.com

You only have a very limited space basement. This utilization space basement kitchen is an awesome idea. The mini fridge for beers, and wall cabinet for glasses.

5.    Traditional Wooden Kitchen Basement

Sources pinimg.com

Traditional basement kitchen style is one of the best ideas. With all materials from wood, an iron sink. Although, you can add refrigerator inside your wood cabinets.

6.    Low Budget Basement Kitchen

Sources nemesis-group.com

Did you want to make a basement kitchen?. But, you only have limited money. It will better if you create this basement kitchen. You can buy those cabinets on the store, and add wallpaper to give a nice texture.

7.    Rustic Style Basement Kitchen

Sources deringhall.com

This rustic basement kitchen is obvious. This kitchen is for you, who don’t scare to spend much money. Also, you must have a big space in the basement.

8.    IKEA Symmetrical Basement Kitchen Cabinets

Sources pinimg.com

The decorative design of the basement kitchen. The wall cabinet has a symmetrical planted. Also, the fridge and refrigerator inside the cabinets.

9. Full White Basement Kitchen Bar

Sources pinimg.com

Chic basement kitchen style with full white color. With a shelf for your beers. Then, you can put a small refrigerator to make cool beer.

10.    Blend Color Basement Kitchen Bar

Sources pinimg.com

This comfort basement kitchen is a good style for you. Perfect blending between black color and real wood color. It will make your kitchen look soft.

11.   Modern Basement Kitchen Design

Sources pinimg.com

This modern style is good for you. With sleek appliances and electronic tools. New refrigerator, electric oven, and flat led display. There is a perfect service for guest and family.

12.   Mix Modern and Rustic Design

Sources poojasevafoundation.com

 Simplistic but luxury design of this basement kitchen is awesome. With wood materials of shelves and countertops. Then, adding a luxury lighting chandeliers. Also, put a mini refrigerator give it the modern touch.

13.   Smart Using Basement Kitchen

Sources pinimg.com

 Basement kitchen under the stairs. It’s an excellent way to use all the spaces in your home. Smart position of shelf and cabinets make it looks well organized.

14.   Perfect Choosing Wet Bar Design

Sources hzcdn.com

 The position of the light and the colors make this basement kitchen look nice. With the red color of the walls and wood color of the cabinets. Also supported by the light inside the wall cabinets make the glass glowing. Then, this wet kitchen bar ideas using luxury sink style. This basement kitchen design is leisure design of modern basement kitchen.

15.   Natural Design

Sources thriftydecorchick.com

Perfect in choosing the cabinets and light is a unique way. The synthesis of simple cabinets and pendant light make it awful. Then, remake the wall with put beams and mirror to make it look likes a natural kitchen.

16.    Small Art Bar

Sources mm.bing.nett

This basement kitchen adds limit appliance but good exertion. Only have a mini fridge and a sink. Then, out some arts on the walls. It’s effortless, but look nice.

17.   Bar Style

Sources plavnica.com

This basement kitchen design like bar lounge. With the stainless-steel shelves for your beers. Also, you can add a mini fridge and a mini oven.

18.    Modern Blue Light Basement Kitchen

Sources pinimg.com

This symmetric design basement kitchen. With the symmetric cabinets and symmetric position of your tools, drink, and food. Also, with the blue lighting make it look expensive and luxury.

19.  All Black Basement Kitchen Cabinet

Sources comoorganizarlacasa.com

All black color for your basement kitchen. This kitchen style makes your basement kitchen looks glamours. A simple touch of a sleek refrigerator, glasses, mirror, and lighting. There is a simple but very perfect combination.

20.    Bright Color Summer Basement Kitchen

Sources static.vinepair.com

The soft green color of the floor cabinets makes its juice. Then, the combination of glass shelves, and stainless-steel sink. Also the wallpaper, and precision position of lighting. It makes your basement kitchen nice to look, and easy to remembered it.

21.    Petite Basement Apartment Kitchen

Sources designmag.com

Petite style of the basement kitchen. Using black color cabinets, and shelves for some glasses. To make it stick out, you can add colorful appliances. Like this basement kitchen ideas, putting a red color of the refrigerator. To take awareness of your guest.

22.    Full Space

Sources billigschuhe.com

This basement kitchen uses all of the space in your basement. Add a small fridge and microwave, inside your kitchen floor cabinets. Then, put some glass inside wall cabinets. Also, at the countertop have some glass to and put a mirror on the wall. It makes your basement kitchen doesn’t have any space.

23.  Cheaper Style  

Sources peakingroses.com

The standard kitchen basement design. With cheap wall cabinets and make it by self shelves from wood. Then, give some spaces for microwave and mini fridge. All of you can make this basement kitchen style, with a low budget.

24.   Drinking Area Basement Kitchen Bar

Sources avatars.com

Full of beers basement kitchen style. If you are drunken, I think this an adorable kitchen design. Have shelves full of beers. Also have a mini fridge, for someone who likes cool beers.

25.    Asymmetric Design

Sources vincenzobernardo.com

This asymmetric basement kitchen design. You had bored with the common style of the basement kitchen. This design is good for you. With asymmetric cabinets and counter-tops. Give you a new display while resting in your basement kitchen. Also, you can add a microwave and sink in that kitchen design.   

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