30+ Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas (Best of Remodeling Kitchen Tiles in Modern, Retro, and Vintage Style)

Kitchen Floor Tile Ides. A kitchen is an unforgettable place. Mostly we spend a lot of time in our kitchen. Most of us design our kitchens to make it comfortable. But, sometimes we forget to plan the essential things in our kitchen. There is one area that’s often under-appreciated: the floor. The floor is the one crucial thing in our kitchen. An original kitchen floor is the wood floor. Instead, in this era, the kitchen floor can be modified to make them look beautiful.

Did you want to make over your kitchen floor?. Or maybe your kitchen in under renovation?. It’s better for you to choose the tile floor design for your kitchen. There is a lot of consideration to choose your kitchen floor. But, kitchen floor tile ideas will be the smart ways for you. Tile has simplicity and functional colours and design. It makes your kitchen look alive, colourful, and unique. Based on your creativity, searching, timing, positioning in choosing appropriate floor tile to make your kitchen look new.

Pros and Cons of Installing Kitchen Floor Tiles:


  • Have excellent durability; it can handle high amounts of foot traffic
  • Very nice affordable in price
  • Quick process of installation
  • Very easy to clean it


  • Fragile items, sometimes tiles are light
  • Easy to clean, also tile easy to dirty too
  • The temperatures adapt to the weather
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Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas with Pictures:

1.    Traditional Wood Tile

kitchen floors 10 of the best
Source ahankara.net

This wood tile design will make you feel like in a village. It will make your kitchen look calm. Then, you can combine your kitchen appliances with the modern or old style. This wood kitchen floor tile ideas can combine with whatever appliance for your kitchen.

So, with this wood tile design is good for you, who like natural touches. And, combine it with modern touches. Wood tile design can be one of your kitchen floor design.

2.    Mouldy Tile Layout

kitchen flooring ideas
Source benimmulku.com

Mouldy tile design is one of the stylish kitchen floor tile ideas. It looks like an ancient style, and give us felling can break anytime. It is powerful enough.

For some cases, if you combine with the kingdom kitchen style. It makes your kitchen look glamours and elegant. With the full white cabinets color. Then, with the bright white light. It will be a perfect combination.

3.    Dark Big and Gray Tile

floor remodeling ideas
Source geco181.infowp

With large and grey tile kitchen design will give your kitchen sense of elegant. Although, the big plots of tile will be caused your kitchen to look bigger. Then, with symmetrical positions of the tiles make it nicest.

Also, the combination of stainless-steel seat and modern appliances. Then, a perfect blending of cabinets color with dark brown. Moreover, the full white counter-tops make it extremely nice looking. It is a marvelous style for your kitchen, who lived in the middle of the city.

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4.    Combine Tile Size Design

best kitchen flooring options
Source skitchenfurnitures.co

Combining the size of the tile is one of the best hacks for you. The dimension of your tile, whether big and small size of plots. Combine the tile floor with symmetrical way. Then, add wood cabinets and marble counter-tops. It is a perfect combination.

5.    Standard Cabin Tile

half bathroom tile designs
Source scdn.homedit.com

This kitchen floor tiles ideas design is a contemporary style for your kitchen. This design is suitable for whatever design of your kitchen. Whether you were designing your kitchen with modern style.

Or, maybe your design with old style and combine it with modern design. With this standard cabin, tile design will be acceptable for all kind of your kitchen.

6.    Modern and Country Combine Tile

bathroom tile ideas for shower walls
Source i.pinimg.com

If you already have a wood style of your kitchen. But, you want to taste the kitchen tile floor ideas. This design is very suitable for you. Combining the wood floor design in your dining room with the tile design in your kitchen.

But, you must mark how much you will spending money on this. Then you must hire a good contractor to build it. It will make you spend a bunch of money.

7.    Pattern Tile Floor

small half bathroom ideas pictures
Source decohoms.com

Look the modern and sleek appliances also the wood cabinets. Combining with the elegant style of lighting. It makes your kitchen look luxury.

Then, touches of patterning tile floor also support it became a nice kitchen design. This wood pattern floor in line with the color of the cabinet.

8.    Symmetrical VS Asymmetrical Tile Design

traditional kitchen floor tiles
Source kyokushinkarate.cowp

If you have a big space in the kitchen, you can apply this design. This symmetrical vs asymmetrical design is a single floor for your kitchen.

Also, you can use the floor color same as your countertops or table. To make it sweat crash, you may use modern appliances and tools.

Also, the color of your kitchen walls and deck will better for you to change it. Choose white color is a nice way for you.

9.    Vintage Tile Flooring

houzz bathroom ideas traditional
Source amazonaws.com

This vintage kitchen floor tile ideas design is a contemporary style for your kitchen. This tile is appropriate with your traditional kitchen style. The combination of wood cabinet style and modern appliances with the floor are rare design in this era.

Also, the same pattern in coloring the countertops, table, and floor. Besides that, to make this kitchen style will spend much money. You must concept it first before you start to build it. Concept based on your need and what you want.

10.    Modern Extravagance Tile

classic bathroom floor tile patterns
Source wilderpublications.com

Want to look like a royal kitchen, this design is suitable for you. This tile floor kitchen design with a sleek view and large tiles. It makes your kitchen look big and airy.

Also, the high style of floor and wall cabinets, the countertops, and the seating. With all of the royal appliances make your kitchen look very glamours and expensive.

11.    Traditional Bricks Tile

white and grey bathroom tiles
Source redwork.cowp

This bricks tile design is good for you to save your money. But, this design pointed out the elegant looks. You can combine with simple cabinets and simple appliances.

To make it looks nice, you can add mat in your kitchen. This design is simple and cheaper floor design for you but still, have an elegant side.

12.    Porcelain Geometric Tile

gray shower tile ideas
Source santtile.com

This geometric design is the traditional way on your floor style. The geometric brings old layout for your kitchen. It will make your kitchen eye-catching, and hard to forget.

Then, the combination of cabinets and appliances make your kitchen looks nice. Also, the color of your cabinets is the same with your geometric tiles give new rules for traditional kitchen style.

13.    White Cabinets Zig-zag Tile

modern tile designs for floors
Source happymodern.ru

The unique zig-zag tile design will be nice kitchen floor. You can use your favorite color for those tiles. Black and white color is one of neutral color. They can combine with the white cabinet’s color. And, the black chair and table color.

Or, maybe you want to apply to your favorite color. If you want to build the zig-zig tile design, you must have a clear view of your kitchen will be. So, it makes it easier to create a good kitchen floor.

14.    Retro Tile Design

vintage bathroom flooring ideas
Source i.pinimg.com

Retro tile is great to view in your kitchen. Retro vibes are the same pattern of tiles in your floor. Like this retro design have big tiles with a symmetrical pattern.

Combine it with the colorful cabinets and seating. Then, the wood materials make it a more soft view. Moreover, the white color of the walls makes your kitchen look big.

15.    Mix Tile Ceramic

wood flooring
Source billielourd.org

Terracotta tiles with some old patterns. This tile design can you apply to your kitchen floor. For you, who like the mix design, this design is suitable. With the orange color of tile with a variety of pattern tiles.

To make it more extreme crash, add modern appliances. Then, choose wood material cabinets, and add different wallpaper pattern. You also can combine it with a different color in every corner.

16.    Simple Pattern Tile Design

tiles for bathroom
Source lovelyroom.net

This tile design gives your kitchen frame. With tiny tiles in white color. The simple frame in the middle of your kitchen makes the table have clear space. Also, the frame makes your kitchen have a distinct space.

Black pendant lighting combines with a simple black frame is the perfect combination. Then, to make it cozy, applying the white color for the balance. Such as cabinets, table, wall, other appliances.

17.    White Bright Tile

wall tiles for kitchen
Source tvojdizajn.ru

The white color will give a sense of big and clear. This tile design is combining all of the white color. Tile with white and soft grey colors, make it can combine with all the appliances in the kitchen. The wall painting with white color also the cabinets and countertops.

With white flower lighting and the bright light from outside. Big windows make your kitchen airy and clear. To give natural touches, you can add seating from wood materials.

18.    Hexagon Tile Design

pictures of kitchen flooring ideas
Source i.pinimg.com

Hexagon tiles combine with the mini black square is one of the new styles. With that pattern will make your kitchen eye-catching. You can combine it with white tile for wall and your cabinets.

Use your creativity to make it unique and luxuries. Add pendant light, sleek appliances, and perfect use of shelves.

19.    Big Hexagon Tile Design

shower floor tiles ideas
Source besthometextiles.com

Large hexagon tile will be a nice alternative for your kitchen tiles. It will make your kitchen nice to look. Also, these tiles made from soapstone materials.

It’s a nice combination with the soft green color of the walls. Then, wood materials of countertops make it simple and natural view.

20.    Traditional Terracotta Tile

garage floor tile ideas
Source tilesterracotta.com

If you agree with the old style kitchen. This terracotta tiles will be suitable for your kitchen. The orange color of terracotta tiles makes your kitchen look like the old kitchen.

You can support it with the old design of appliances, lighting, or cabinets. Or, maybe you want to blend it with modern kitchen design. Use your imagination to make it happen.

21.    Dark Tile Design

kitchen backsplash ideas with white cabinets
Source toppstiles.co.uk

This design simple and elegant style for your kitchen. With a neutral color, black and white color is a compatible color for all kitchen. With large black tiles are combining with white cabinets.

Then, your countertop color is acceptable to be the same as your tiles. Adding a window will help to bring the bright view also natural taste.

22.    Time Travel Tile Design

backsplash ideas for granite countertops
Source directpaint.com

You like to blend many arts to one opus. This tiles kitchen is competent for your kitchen. You can make it by your self, with combining all arts you know.

Or, maybe you buy the tiles with that art pattern. Also, you can apply that art pattern to your kitchen walls.  Then, choose the perfect appliances, cabinets, tools, light to support it.

23.    Colourful Tile Design

kitchen backsplashes
Source novepromenybydleni.cz

This tile kitchen design will bring a new spirit for you. With colorful tiles make your days more colorful and cheerful. Using colorful tiles is good for a crowded situation.

Colorful walls, cabinets, and seating will support that feeling. This design is capable for you, who tired of the routine daily life.

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24.    Chess Tile Design

kitchen backsplash ideas for dark cabinets
Source nextevent.infowp

Chess tile design is common for your kitchen. But, it isn’t always a boring theme. It will be an excellent design for your kitchen if you are combining it.

Combining with modern appliances and sleek cabinets. Also, the newest design of chair and table. Your kitchen will look like elegant design and expensive kitchen style.

25.    Marble Tile Design

kitchen floor tile pictures
Source downtownautobodyslc.com

Marble black tiles are sufficient to design. The white line makes your kitchen clear view. Also, the sleek red cabinets make your kitchen more alive and colorful.

But, still, give the elegant taste in your kitchen. Then, the perfect combining of white color of walls, and the stainless-steel of all appliances. 

26.    Elegant Travertine Tile Design

kitchen flooring lowes
Source svarnabebe.com

Do you want to make your kitchen look big?. This elegant travertine design is suitable for your kitchen. Adding simple cabinets, appliances, and lighting are the way.

Also, stylish seating will give the sense to stay longer. Furthermore, all of that thing will make your kitchen have a big space.

27.    Color Touches Tile Design

kitchen wall tile
Source scdn.homedit.com

Chess tile design always white and black color. With this design you able to change the color. Change the color with white and red is one of the best trick. It makes your kitchen look new and great view.

Also, you can change the setting of applying the tiles. This kitchen will be appropriate for old, modern, or rustic kitchen.

28.    Carpet Tile Design

backsplash ideas for kitchen
Source i.pinimg.com

Carpet tile design is one of the perfect hacks. You don’t need to buy a rug/mat for your kitchen. You will not scare if you drop something in that tiles, it will easy to clean. You can combine it with a rustic style kitchen design.

29.    Mix Color Tile Design

kitchen backsplash designs
Source breezygw.com

You want to have a fresh kitchen tile design. This mixed color tile design is one of the current kitchen situations for you. With variation colors in your tile make your cooking time colorful. Also, the soft marble material makes it fell comfort.

30.    Art Tile Design

kitchen tiles design catalogue
Source adsttc.com

This kitchen floor tile ideas design is base on your creativity. What kind of art you want for your tile?. It can be the first question you must answer before you start to build this design.

Then, what color you want?. How big your kitchen?. What type of kitchen style you use?. It will some questions for you, to guide you to make a kitchen art tile design.

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