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Kitchen Hood Ideas (DIY and Create Range Vent Hood)

Kitchen Hood Ideas. Before we jump across to kitchen hood ideas. It will better if we know first, what is kitchen hood and what is the benefit of applying it. Eventually, kitchen hood has many names, like vent hood, exhaust hood, and range hood. But, they are the same thing. So, what is a kitchen hood?. A kitchen hood is a mechanical fan that hangs above the stove or cooktop. It will remove your kitchen gasses, odors, heat, steam for the air by evacuation from air and filtration. Most of them released into outside the house. Instead, another hood can filtration the air to the clean air then circulate them into the kitchen. Moreover, the kitchen also gives many benefits to your kitchen. Let’s talk, the benefits of applying kitchen hood;

Benefits of applying kitchen vent hood ideas:

1.    Clean air  

Kitchen hood will make you have clean air. It removes potentially toxic, bacteria, germs, mold, and gasses from your kitchen. The way your cook will cause you to have a deal with smoke, grease, and steam.

All of these potentially dangerous for your health. With the hood that’s kind of, the adverse effect will disappear. Also, it makes you fight against poor indoor air quality and reduce the carbon monoxide.

2.    Better Lighting

Kitchen hood always has lighting. It is a useful thing for you while cooking. Light will helps you to ensure that food is cooking correctly, also will help prevent from burning. For the cleaning benefit, kitchen hood lighting will make you easy to see the dirt or grease on your stove. 

3.    Remove Heat

Another great advantage of using a kitchen hood is decreasing the heat from your kitchen. This thing helps you while cooking food. Whether the heat coming from your stove or food, a hood will help you to stop heating on your face. It will make you comfortable and immensely focuses on cooking not the sweat on your face.

4.    Increase property value

Last but not least, the kitchen hood will increase your home value. In today’s real estate market. Kitchen hood will be one of an essential thing for the buyer.

The resale value of your home will increase if you have a kitchen hood. In line with that, the resale value will immensely increase if your kitchen has a modern/up to date appliances.

There is no denying that the kitchen hood gives a bunch of benefit for you. That provides a comfortable, and clean environment in cooking. Also, that will protect your health and fresh air. Furthermore, the kitchen hood is a vital asset to your home. To choose the best kitchen hood, you must consider the valuable benefits. Then research and consult to the contractor before you want to buy a kitchen hood.

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Kitchen Hood Design Ideas:

1.    Rustic Architectural Kitchen Hood

Photo by Spacecrafting

The stone hood will add an architectural element in your kitchen. With the architectural detail will make your hood like the artistic design. It makes your kitchen look like the old period.

This hood design will be the new taste of kitchen design. You can combine it with old style kitchen appliances. Or, maybe you want to add wood cabinets, marble countertops, terracotta tiles. To make your kitchen look old style.

Also, you can make a cover of your hood with culture style.

Although, this hood design doesn’t make your kitchen look moldy, with excellent taste, smart choose, proper placing. It will make your kitchen look unique.

2.    Stainless Steel Kitchen Hood

Photo by Ken Kelly

This design is phenomenal hood for kitchen style. Make a curve design for your hood. With new look hood design, will attract your quest eye.

Also, the curve hood design didn’t take a big area. You can apply it in a small area of your kitchen stove position. The newest material of that hood makes it more valuable.

With that curve, the design will break the straight line of another hood. Customize your hood color and materials will be a good idea.

3.    Rustic Tile Kitchen Hood

Photo by Forward Design Build Remodel

Are you want to feel new style hood?. Were boring to see monotonous kitchen hood. Rustic kitchen hood design will be an excellent choice for you.

You can design a rustic hood for your kitchen. Rustic style is perfect for your kitchen view. Combined it with custom art, like a pattern or a deer head, etc. Also, you can add only a wooden hood kitchen design.

To support the rustic sense on your kitchen, you can modify little things in your kitchen. Remember to adjust it with a rustic way. This hood design will break the contemporary design of the hood.

4.    Modern Hood Design

Photo by Astro Design Center

With the perfect matching of the hood with your appliances, it makes your kitchen awesome. The stainless-steel material of your hood combine with stell oven, refrigerator, and stove make your kitchen look modern and expensive.

Then, the combination of sleek white cabinets and island table make it more spacious. Also, the simple and modern of eat-in kitchen style make it look perfect. This kitchen hood design makes your entire kitchen look beautiful.

5.    Tube Island Kitchen Hood

Photo by Arete European Kitchen

The rectangular hood is typical. You want a unique hood kitchen style.

This hood kitchen design will make the kitchen look weird but awesome.

That is a modern tube hood design. Tube hood design is one of the best choices for your hood design. It will be more like sculpture appliances.

Also, some of the people said that the tube is hidden hood kitchen. You can use stainless-steel materials to make them more undercover. Or, maybe use the same element of your appliances.

6.    Above Island Hood Design

Photo by Chris Snook

This kitchen hood style is for you who have a huge kitchen space. The hood will be applying above the island kitchen. It will make you spend much money to make it happen.

You must have a good and detailed plan to make it. Because you must know where will the smoke out from your home. For the material based on your need and what you want. It will be nice if it the same rhythm as your kitchen style.

7.    Custom Terracotta Kitchen Hood

Photo by Golden Rule Creative Remodel

Want to a historical design in your kitchen. With this terracotta hood design, it will happen. You can use this design for the kitchen to make it different. It will make your kitchen is memorable and hard to forget.

The color is hugely pop up in your kitchen. Also, you can combine with soft colors, like green color. To make is more visible, applying the white color to your kitchen wall.

8.    Ancient Hood Design

Photo by Ancient Surfaces

This design is one of my favorite models. With this hood design will make you amazed at the design. The detail and the material are excellent. It will bring you back to the past.

Then, you can combine it with a modern stove, oven, and appliances. Besides that, when you want that in your kitchen. You must about consider the cost because the cost will be blow up. This ancient hood design is expensive, but if you have enough money, why not.

9.    Wooden Resort Hood Design

Photo by Clinkston Architects

This design made for you to feel like in the resort. The simple way of decoration, only adds useful tools and soft color. It makes your kitchen feel warm.

Then, the pendant light makes it more comfortable. Also, wood material of the kitchen ceiling make it became awesome combination of natural resources. Instead, this kitchen still looks elegant and high-class.

10.    Decorative Range Hood Design

Photo by BlueStar

Monotonous color make your kitchen life flat. Try this design to your kitchen. With the colored hood make your kitchen alive and cheerful. Use whatever color you want; it’s better if you choose your favorite color.

Then, you can make your stove or cabinets colored too. Use your imagination to make your unique colored hood design.

11.    Iron Venting Kitchen Hood

Photo by Maraya Interior

The iron hood is an old style hood. But, it will nice if you combine with new appliances and tools in your kitchen. Also, using vintage kitchen wallpaper make the view of this kitchen harmonious. It will make your kitchen hood look unique.

Moreover, you can combine it with a rustic style of cabinets. Use the marble countertops, it make this kitchen become the newest and breakthrough kitchen design.

12.    Unique Kitchen Hood Design

Photo by Astro Design Center

This hood is very incredible design. With stainless-steel and glass materials. The view of this hood brings the future concept in your kitchen.

Also, the combination of modern seating, appliances, and sleek cabinets make them ideally bring in the future concept of the kitchen. Then, simple touch of wood make your kitchen look spacious and luxuries.

13.    Unusual Mount Hood Design

Photo by Allison Jaffe

This design also the masterpiece design of kitchen hood. The perfect combination of stainless-steel and glass materials make it expensive.

You must prepare a lot of money to bring it to your kitchen. With the modern accent style. Then, the elegant black cabinets and big, sleek refrigerator will make your kitchen look modern.

14.    Huge Vent Hood Design

Photo by Tali Hardonag

This hood has a big powerful blower. The contemporary materials of this hood are steel. It’s tally for you to cook a lot in one day. Or, maybe you have a big family, so you must cook a lot of food.

The design of this hood is unique, with sleek big mount steel. You can combine it with wood cabinets and porcelain/stone countertops.

15.    Natural Wood Kitchen Hood

Photo by Dura Supreme

All natural design hood is one of the best things to break an idea to design a kitchen. Use your creativity to combine it. You can make natural hood from the wood.

Also, you can support the wood hood with all cabinets material from wood too. Then, using the wood table will make your kitchen look very natural and Eco-friendly.

Hidden Range Hood Ideas

1.    Cabinet Hood


This hood would become invisible if you didn’t cook. To apply this hood, you must well prepare. Your kitchen contractor must know the design first before he starts to build it.

2.    Ceiling Hood


Ceiling hood is a modern style. This hood makes your ceiling space function correctly. Although, you can add light to make it adorable.

3.    Breakthrough Hood


The design of this hood is very clever. You will don’t aware of that hood. This hood looks exceptionally modern. You can combine it will metal/sleek appliances and cabinet.

4.    Small Hood


This hood designed for you which have a small kitchen. Your cabinets will connect with that hood. So, it will make it a hidden hood.

5.    Design Hood


Design hood is one of trick for you to hide your hood. With simple adding wood to cover the hood, it will make your hood invincible.

6.    Wall Hood


This idea is beneficial. You can paint your hood in the same pattern as your wall. So, your quest will don’t notice it.

7.    Disguise Hood


Disguise hood is better for, who have a bunch of creativity. This wooden hood perfectly hid with another shelving help. This trick will able for you to customize it.

8.    Functional Hood


You can remodel your hood. Make a hood also the place to store your kitchen tools. Also, paint your hood with the same color as your walls.

9.    Vintage Hood


With a vintage-style hood, it will make your beautiful hidden hood. Crafted hood ideas are the one example that you can apply in your kitchen. Also, you can add some light in that hood.

10.    Useful Hood


This hood not only covers you from heating food or stove. It can be a place to put your kitchen tools. That hood will be like your another shelving.

DIY Range Kitchen Hood Tips:

All the things above will give you a bunch of ideas for your kitchen hood. But, I will share the fresh tips for you, say it a bonus.These are some tips to make an authentic hood by your self. To make a kitchen hood, you must concern to some elements.

Here are some aspect of making a kitchen hood by your self;

  • Easy to Install, you must consider making an easy to install the custom cover.
  • Quiet Operation, your kitchen separate with your living room. So, better for you to choose a quite loud exhaust fan.
  • Effective, your fan must be capable. No one in your kitchen to smell anything burns.
  • Lighting space, you must have a space for your light. If you want to cost rising, you can use LED lighting.
  • Painting hood, typically people will choose the color matched with their range/hood.
  • Easy to clean, it’s the most important thing. You better to make your hood kitchen easy to clean.
  • Switches on Bottom, to make you easier to switch on/off of your kitchen hood.

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