Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas (DIY and Unique Wall Decoration)

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas. You were already designing your kitchen, but you still want to make it look unique. Your kitchen has modern appliances and tools. Then, newest cabinets and floor design. Instead, you need something to make your kitchen look pretty and beautiful. Wall decor will become suitable ideas for your kitchen. In this era kitchen not only had cabinets, counter, chairs, and newest appliances to look beautiful. But, installing wall decor can be the best option to make your kitchen beautiful and unique.

However, not every single person know the wall decor concepts. Bunch of people creating wall decor for their kitchen in the wrong way. Or, maybe they applied crash wall decor with the kitchen design. So, how do you correctly do kitchen wall decor?. Here we go, I will tell you a bunch of kitchen wall decor ideas, which is it will make your kitchen beautiful and aligned with your kitchen design.

Tips on choosing perfect wall decor for your kitchen:

Choosing perfect wall decor

Select the ideal wall decor you like; if you see something ad it does not foster a feeling of enjoyment or relaxation, don’t put it on your wall

Selecting wall decor size

Here are the basics of wall decor sizing, whether displaying pieces alone or together with a gallery wall, if you like to use sizing for your wall decor:

  • Oversize: These parts are 100 centimeters in length or greater. Before buying a piece this large, measure your space to see if it can accommodate it.
  • Large: This size frame is from about 80 to 100 centimeters in length. Large wall decor could serve as a centerpiece or be balanced on either side with mini or small pieces.
  • Medium: Wall decor in this category is from 60 to 70 centimeters long. Some pieces can stand alone, but medium pieces also go well when grouped with one to another.
  • Small: Small wall decor goes well above shelving and on short walls because it is 45 to 59 centimeters in length.
  • Mini: The smallest size is mini, falling in the range of 25 to 44 centimeters. You often see them sold as collections. Also, it is common to see at least three to four or more than that on the kitchen wall.

Selecting wall decor by style

  • Choose the wall decor that matches the style of your kitchen, including the appliances, cabinets, or maybe counter-tops you already have on your kitchen.
  • Purchase a set, a trio, and even a group of mini or small kitchen wall decor. These go great above windows or on short walls.
  • Use frames to emphasize your style, whether it is through matching or mismatched ones.
  • Mix materials of your kitchen wall decor.
  • Add a sign with words to make your kitchen wall decor look unique.
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Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas for Kitchen:

1. Fruit Gallery

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Fresh air, natural light, warm feeling are the thing we want in our home. Also, in our kitchen, we mostly need that too. With this wall decoration will bringing that fell to your kitchen. Fresh fruit gallery makes your kitchen fell like in the garden. This kitchen wall decor also suitable for you who like fruits.

2. DIY Iron Basket

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Want to make your kitchen wall simple and unique. Only using an iron basket, plants, and paint. Put that thing on your kitchen wall, use pure creativity to create it. It will make you wall kitchen artistic and useful.

3. Vintage Ancient Paint

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This decor is effortless. Only adding ancient painting and some books. It makes your kitchen look nice. That paint is able for you to change, but still in ancient style. Also, adding some book to make your kitchen bringing new feeling while in the kitchen.

4. Unique Tray and Cutting Board

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Did you have an old tray? And not used wooden cutting board? You have it, try to make this wall decor. Using an old tray and cutting board will decrease your budget. Also, you can create this kitchen wall decor by yourself. Your creativity will be the key to make this wall decor more unique.

5. 3D Mural Paint Art Decor

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This design is one of the best artists. Mural painting for kitchen wall decor is the best idea. Then, it was combining with a 3D effect. That makes this mural painting come alive. It will attract your quest attention. This kitchen wall decor excellent for your kitchen.

6. Large and Huge Letter

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DIY wall decor is a popular design in this era. Creating a big letter for decor your kitchen wall can be a nice idea. Choosing “eat” words will suitable for you. Then, you can combine it with another design. Using a large spoon and pork to make this wall decor unique.

7. Zig-zag Art Decor

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Add a simple decoration for your kitchen wall can be the best option. Using simple zig-zag paint with yellow color make this design simple. But, it nice if you add another thing to support it. Like this wall decor, vase and figure help it. Also, the color is the key to make this wall decor beautiful.

8. Full Wall Art Decor

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This kitchen wall decoration using all space in your wall. Using a big clock and key make this design unique. It will make your quest interesting and happy to see your kitchen wall. Then, using this decor will make you aware of the time.

9. Artistic Wood Wall Decor

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You have much money to decor your kitchen wall; this design can be the best option. Because it’s hard for you to make this decor by your self. Buy this decorative wood paint in the shop. Also, this design will make your kitchen look natural.

10. Farmhouse Plate Paint Decor

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Using the plate to decor your kitchen wall is the old style. But, using paint plate will make your kitchen look unique. Then, the position of the plate is the main point. Your creativity is most important to make this wall decor. Push your creativity to make unique plate paint decor.

11. Black and White Art

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This kitchen wall decor is simple and elegant style. This decor can apply for all kitchen color. Also, this design is straightforward to make. Or, maybe you want to buy it. The important things of this kitchen wall decor are the size and number of the monogram.

12. Cheap Chalk Wall Decor

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Chalk is old tools; chalk not exist in this generation anymore. But, you still can use chalk to decor your kitchen. Change your kitchen wall color to black, then use your creativity to design unique decor. This design is cheap, but you must have the highest skill to make it.

13. Box Shelf

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This kitchen wall decor is a great kitchen wall design. You can make this box by your self. This box also can be your shelf. You can put everything you want in there. Then, using a natural color that box to attract your quest/family eye.

14. Vintage Bohemian Design

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This design represented in free life. This kitchen wall decor using bohemian art. It’s perfectly pop-up in your kitchen. Different color of the art and the wall make your kitchen look beautiful. Also, it will make your kitchen bring new feeling in wall designing.

15. Washing Tools

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This kitchen wall decor is one of the best breakthrough ideas. Some people maybe think this decor is weird and insane. But, this decor brings a new feeling. Then, this decor will make us able to cycle unused washing tools. This decor is perfect with people who like to go green.

16. Country Mirror Wall

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Using a mirror to decor your kitchen wall excellent idea. It’s one of the tricks to make your kitchen look bigger. Also, this mirror decor will decrease your budget. To make it look nice, you can put simple paint besides the mirror.

17. Indian Style

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Indian commonly using natural things to decor something. This design adapted from Indian culture. Using hartshorn and original paint. The original paint made from plants and ground. But, these things are expensive, try only to buy things you need.

18. Use Photograph

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Are you a photographer?. Or, someone who like photograph?. I think this kitchen wall decor will make it suitable for you. Add some photos to your kitchen wall. Combined photos of human, animal, or other things to make your kitchen look beautiful in diversity.

19. Tools

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Use your kitchen tools to decor your kitchen wall. The tools still ye use, like cutting board, pant, etc. Also, using seen shelves to put books or letter to make your kitchen look unique and brave. Then, the lighting makes your kitchen look magnificent.

20. Art Power

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This kitchen decor is straightforward. But, on another hand it bringing the elegant feeling. White and black always come with elegant taste in this era. The perfect placing and choosing of the art make this wall decor became excellent. It makes your kitchen comfortable and cool.

21. Farmhouse Style Wall Decor

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Using farmhouse kitchen design is one of the popular design in this era. In line with that, using this simple wall decor will be suitable for your farmhouse kitchen. Only use farmhouse printing text above your kitchen sink. It makes your kitchen simple and nice to look.

22. Cooking Tools

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How to decor your kitchen by your self?. You can use this DIY wall decor. Using your iron cooking tools like wall decor. Then, put painting to make that decor wonderful. Also, you can add something new, maybe your kitchen knives or something else.

23. Back to Nature

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This kitchen decor brings a rustic feeling. This kitchen wall decor brings a new idea in wall decoration. Using simple cow photo with wood frame. Then, adding things which is normally we find it on the farm. Make this wall decor easy to look and remembered.

24. Artistic Style

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Try to make simple kitchen decor also simple to create it. This kitchen wall decor suits for it. Adding artistic design in your kitchen will make your kitchen wonderful. Also, it will interact with your quest to stay longer in your kitchen.

25. Wall Kitchen Sign Plaques

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This kitchen wall decor inspired by the Christmas theme. Then, a simple sign to make everyone know that place is a kitchen. This kitchen decor is suitable for your small kitchen. Because you had to use all of the free space in your kitchen. Is able for you to add new things in this kitchen wall design, which is you only use appropriate things.

26. Use Ladder

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Did you have an unused ladder?. And, you don’t know to make it useful?. Try to create this kitchen decor. Use your unused ladder to put something, which is using to support you while cooking. Also, this ladder can be wonderful kitchen wall decor. You can change the color, or add some accessories to make it look more beautiful.

27. Rustic Black Board Decor

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We already talk about it, using blackboard and chalk to decor your kitchen wall. But, this blackboard used differently. Give that blackboard expensive frame and combine it with chalk marks. It will become breakthrough ideas for your kitchen wall decor.

28. DIY Glass Shelf Wall Decor

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This design is a simple kitchen wall decor. You can make it by your self. Using glass shelves to create kitchen wall decor. Also, adding some plants to look it green. Using letter glass is one of the best ideas in this kitchen wall decor. I recommend you to make this decor on your kitchen.

29. Office Lamp

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This design is one of the creative ideas for your farmhouse kitchen wall decor. Using office lamps make it show a smooth feeling on the farmhouse kitchen. Also, the supporting of the shelves of plants make this kitchen wall decor awesome.

30. Perfect Combination

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Colorful will make us feel happy and cheerful. Colorful kitchen design also bringing a soft touch. But, flat sense must include in this kitchen design.

This kitchen wall decor can bring that feeling. Using black shelf and black-white color make this wall decor look flat and common.

However, the combination of colorful design of a kitchen and flat wall decor make this kitchen look wonderful and celestial.

31. Wall Paint

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Unique kitchen wall decor is not always expensive. Using wall painting can be the solution. This kitchen wall decor uses self painting. As an example, painting tree on your wall. Then, some else in your family can add something new on your wall tree.

32. Big Clock

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Designing a big clock on your kitchen wall is one of a masterpiece. It makes your kitchen look unique and make your quest impressed with it. Then, the wood material of that color makes your kitchen look chick and luxury.

33. Huge Calendar

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Did you have space in your kitchen wall?. I think it is better for you to add this kitchen wall decor. With using a big calendar in the middle of your wall. It will make your kitchen look unique.

Also, the dark wall color is perfect to combine this wall decor. Then, to add simple touches, you can put some statue or toys on windows.

34. Giant Cutting Board

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This design is one of the best kitchen wall decors. Large wood cutting boards are using to make your kitchen wall beautiful. This wall decor makes your kitchen unique.

Then, it makes your quest stunned while seeing this kitchen wall decor. I suggest you create this wall decor for your kitchen.

35. DIY Wine Bottles

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This design is one of the best DIY wall decor idea. Using your wine bottle as your kitchen wall decor is excellent and unique. You only make the place to put that bottle in the wall.

You can cause its form of wood and iron/steel. Then, using your painting power to make this wall decor colorful.

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