Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Budget (Affordable, Small, and DIY Outdoor Kitchen Ideas)

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Budget. In this era kitchen not become a place to cook, but also the place for gathering with your family or your friend. How to make it become an adorable kitchen?. Make an outdoor kitchen will be a lovely solution. The outdoor kitchen became huge right now. It will give some advantages for you. It will be an excellent place for summertime; you can cook outside your home. Instead, you want to have intimates time with your family in the evening. You want to grill or making barbeque, or you want to make another fantastic idea — all of that thing you can do in your outdoor kitchen.

Furthermore, are you know how to build that outdoor kitchen?. Let’s we start with the items generally use in an outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen’s typically inputting prep and cooking area, storage, then dining table seating. Another hand, how about the price to make an outdoor kitchen. You must concern what kind of outdoor kitchen you want to make. So you can optimize your budget with the appropriate outdoor kitchen style. There are some tips to solve those things above.

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Build Outdoor Kitchen typically on Budget (S, M, H)

1.    Small Budget

–    Grill

Photo by dundalkdigitalatlas.org

The grill is the most important things for your outdoor kitchen. Don’t buy an expensive grill machine. You only need to invest based on what you need. As an example, you spend for charcoal or wooden grill to push your cost down.

–    Concrete Counter

Photo by static1.squarespace.com

The counter will be helpful to add to your outdoor kitchen. As we deal, don’t consume the high price to make a counter. You can create an inexpensive concrete counter for your kitchen. Don’t forgive to leave a space for your grill on your tables.

–    Seating

Photo by i.pinimg.com

You must include the chair into your outdoor kitchen. You can keep simple accommodation, the example you only buy 2-3 chairs. Then you only buy the inexpensive chair too.

2.    Medium Budget

–    Add Extras

Photo by releaser.cowp

If you want to upgrade an outdoor kitchen, you can add some extras. Such as a mini-fridge, or make a bar. Or perhaps you want to add some beautiful benches for your guest.

–    Add stones

Photo by plygem.com

Did you have more money?. I think you must improve your counters. You can make a countertop. Then, consider changing the table based on stones material. Your outdoor kitchen will look like a high-class outdoor kitchen.

3.    High Budget

–    Plumbing area

Photo by cheappersonalloans.me.uk

If you have a lot of money to improve your kitchen, you must spend money on this thing. Plumbing area is a useful thing. You don’t need to go back to your home to wash your dishes. Moreover, your outdoor kitchen must have a place to clean up.

–    Spending Appliances

Photo by hgrm.sndimg.com

You can invest a more substantial sum for these things. Appliances for cook are the most important. You can buy an oven, gas cooktop, side smoker, and a pizza oven. Those things will make your outdoor kitchen luxury.

Budgeting Tips to Build an Outdoor Kitchen:

There are three levels of a budget for you to make an outdoor kitchen. That levels will help you to spend your money based on what you want or need. Instead, here are a few things for you to consider how much money you pay for your outdoor kitchen.

  • Spend based on your area or where you live. If you live a climate cold, or you live in an extended summer area. It will be different approaches to making an outdoor kitchen.
  • The thing what your needs for your kitchen. If you want to grill a hot-dog or burger, you don’t need to buy an oven. Instead of that appliances will make your outdoor kitchen look luxury.
  • Think’s about your neighbors, don’t make your neighbors jealous. You must consider creating an outdoor kitchen not significant investment beyond your neighbors.
  • Also thinking about the tax, if you have a lot of luxury thing in your kitchen. It will increase your property taxes.

Then, now you know the budget to make an outdoor kitchen — instead, a few things you must consider to make it too. Furthermore, I will give some advice on how to make an outdoor kitchen. This advice can make your outdoor kitchen beautiful, luxury; then your guest won’t back home.

Small outdoor kitchen ideas with some pictures:

1.    Affordable Grill Design

Photo by Arcadia

This outdoor kitchen style didn’t have a big space or area. You need a little space for this thing. The right place of grill, cabinets, mini-fridge, and sink make this outdoor kitchen really suite for your small area.

2.    Rustic Grill

Photo by L3 design

You want to make an outdoor kitchen without a rooftop. It will be possible, but it will make terrible when the rains come. Better for you to make an outdoor terrace kitchen. It makes your outdoor kitchen save, and you don’t need to add a rooftop. Just use little space in your terrace and only add useful appliances.

3.    L-shaped Backyard Kitchen

Photo by Q Design Group

This outdoor kitchen only needs a small area of your backyard. The brick materials of this kitchen make it superb blending with your garden. Use metal appliances to create a unique touch in your kitchen.

4.    Italian Corner Outdoor Kitchen

Photo by Acre

You have free corner space on your terrace. It will be helpful if you use it for an outdoor kitchen. Make the simple outdoor kitchen, but still, have an elegant look and superb appliances.

You can add seating and table if there is has a free area for it. Don’t forget to apply for a suitable color and natural materials. It will give a more comfortable feeling.

5.    Small Kitchen in Sky

Photo by A+B KASHA Design

Do you live in an apartment?. Then, your home on the second floor. But, you want to make an outdoor kitchen. This idea will bring your dream to come true.

With little space of your potch, make you able to make an outdoor kitchen. You only apply simple appliances, like an oven, grill, or mini-fridge.

6.    Roof Top Outdoor Kitchen

Photo by Positive Garden

Your home in the middle of the city. It makes it hard for you to make an outdoor kitchen. But, you have a big area in your roof top. This design will be suitable for you.

Use your creativity to build it. It bases on your need and your space on your roof top. Also, don’t forget about the safety, because it will use by your family and your quest.

7.    One Thing

Photo by PaveStone

Only use a grill or oven appliance in your outdoor kitchen is functional. It will save your limited areas. Then, it will save your money also. To make it look nice, you can combine with stone counters.

In the other hand, it will make you only can do one activity in the kitchen. Express your brain to add something else to support your outdoor kitchen. To make it more enjoyable, but still, use little space.

8.    Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Wall

Photo by United Design Stone

You have a backyard terrace with suit space. Also, you have a wasting wall. I think you can change it to an outdoor kitchen. With the use of your wall, you didn’t need to put your cabinets, appliances, and hood.

It will become a simple utilization because of it to close to your home. You didn’t need to confuse about the water, electricity, also your food prep.

9.    Rustic Artistic View

Photo by DeGoey Designs

This outdoor kitchen style needs little space in your backyard. With the wood and stone material, also the iron material makes it look very ancient with modern style.

It will be a beautiful place to talk to your family or your friend. Also, the appliances you use must ensure safety and simple use for everyone.

10.    DIY Outdoor Kitchen

Photo by DeGoey Designs

Make an outdoor kitchen with a small place and money. Yes, you can make it. This outdoor kitchen is a unique design. This kitchen only uses a portable grill and a simple rug. Then, you can buy an oven to support your cooking skills. Make this outdoor kitchen look fantastic.

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DIY Outdoor Kitchen:

Furthermore, the wood cabinets with roof, make your kitchen look perfect blending. The traditional and modern are combining in this outdoor kitchen. This outdoor kitchen style is very recommended for you, who have a skill in carpentry.

With these ten best outdoor kitchen ideas will become the guide for you. Honestly, not all people can make it, because it will spend much money. Did you want to make an inexpensive outdoor kitchen?.

Lets we start, you can choose the perfect material for your outdoor kitchen. Because the materials only thing will blow up your money spend. You can use this trick, make it with the DIY outdoor kitchen style. It will make your money save, and you can pay it for another thing.

Here we go, some ideas do it your self outdoor kitchen.

1.    Make a pergola

Photo by glonstruct.com

Pergola is the sweetest feature for your outdoor kitchen. It makes your outdoor kitchen look like the relaxing Caribbean. You can add pergola on your counters.

Or, maybe you can put it on a deck or build to cover all outdoor kitchen. If you don’t have the skill to make it. You can make a simple pergola with your friend or family.

2.    Recycle Counters

Photo by buyyaconsyruponline.infowp

Check your barn, if you find an old counter. You can remake that counter; you can take the framework. Then transform it by your self with using the concrete.

Or, you can use stell to build it. If you have the skill and have creativity, you can remake it with using stone or wood. Those things will increase your cost to buy new counters.

3.    Making Grill

Photo by alleideen.com

The grill is the basic things you must have in an outdoor kitchen. You can make a simple grill. To make a simple grill, you can use bricks or stone block. Use your creative power to build a unique grill.

4.    Portable Counter

Photo by hungaryhotels.infowp

You didn’t have enough space in the backyard. This thing is necessarily useful for you to make it. You can make it with simple blueprint, you can check it on google. A portable counter will make you easy to move it anywhere you want.

5.    Making Pallet Sink

Photo by diynow.net

Did you have skill in building?. I think you can make this thing, pallet sink form woods. You only spend your money to buy woods and a metal sink.

Then you can make a sink with your creativity. It saves your money, and make your kitchen more natural.

6.    Wood Storage

Photo by aralandas.com

Woods are a handy thing. You can down crease your budget by applying a wood. One of the crazy ideas we can make from wood is food storage’s. You can add the storage beside your building.

Moreover, you can make a prep station for food storage’s from wood. Also, you can put some appliances in that storage.

7.    Bar Cart

Photo by ostton.info

Make a bar cart is very entertaining. You can make a simple bar cart from wood. Or, you have the skill to make it from metal. It will be unique for your guest if you bring drinks with the cart. A bar cart can bring all at once like a cocktail, beer, lemonade, or sweet tea.

8.    Concrete Planter

Photo by i.pinimg.com

Want to make your outdoor natural or green. Also, want your outdoor kitchen airy from your grill smoke. Better for you to think about plants around your kitchen.

With block, concrete can be a chamber for your plants. Instead, you can modify it became a table, or seating for your guest.

9.    Tire Table

Photo by upcycleart.info

You already make a concrete block to be a chair. It will be more useful if you add a table also. The used tier can you change a table. With a little skill and creativity, the table from used tier will be done.

10.    Cooling table

Photo by i.pinimg.com

It is one of the extraordinary things. If you need a cooler drink, you don’t need to walk to the fridge. You can make a hole in the middle of the table, to make space for ice and drinks. Also, you can put fruit and food in there.outdoor kitchen photo gallery.

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