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Magnificent Small Master Bedroom Ideas (Coloring, Decorating, and Storage Design Ideas)

Small Master Bedroom Ideas. Sure, a large master bedroom with sufficient room for a chaise lounge, a fireplace, and also enough storage for entire family members appears charming, yet not every person has the huge of space. The reality is, small master bedrooms can look equally as high and also feature similarly as well; that is if you know exactly how to decorate them to their full capacity view.

The benefit with small spaces is that for the same budget plan, you have the less square footage to cover, which suggests you can invest even more per inch than you would in a larger room. So where should you spend your cash when it comes to your small master bedroom ideas?

From the ideal color to appropriate lights as well as brilliant storage, there are a million methods to make your small master bedroom feel tidy, airy, functional, as well as relaxing simultaneously. Get ready for some significant inspiration for your small space– these are the most effective small bedroom concepts to change your room look.

Tips and tricks to design small master bedroom:

Keep the color consistent

Pick a color that you can incorporate throughout the entire room, and it will make your small master room look more significant and cozy.

Give a touch of decoration

Adding decoration touch to your bedroom is a great way to spruce up it. You can make it the focal view of the room as well by placing eye-catching items on it.

Lighten up the room

Using lighten color will make your bedroom look fresh, also bringing the illusion to look bigger.

Invest in furniture

Adding some modern furniture in your bedroom will make your small master bedroom look spacious.

Choose Flat TV

You want to have a television in your room, make sure it’s flat. This TV flat will free up space on a dresser or eliminate the need for an entertainment system or television stand.

Use Mirrors

This trick is the quickest way to make a room look bigger. If you like to see yourself a lot, use multiple mirrors to create larger space illusion.

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How to choose small master bedroom furniture:

How much your budget?

You must determine what you can afford for your bedroom. Must be honest to yourself before pulling out your credit card.

The quality of the furniture?

You don’t want an item of junk furniture, but it doesn’t you must buy the top furniture. Your budget will be the biggest part of choosing your furniture quality. Also, it’s okay if you have one or two top of line furniture for your small master bedroom.

What did you need?

Choose the best and essential furniture for your small master bedroom. Because, you just have limited space to put those things, so it will be crucial for you to choose the best furniture you need.

What’s your decorating style?

Sure, the decoration is the best parts of our home, moreover for our room. So, for our small master bedroom, choose furniture which is in line with your decorating theme and style.

Small Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

When designing a small master bedroom, it forces us to be much more creative, because there are fewer alternatives for furniture positioning as well as for accenting your space. Small bedrooms can be hard to make, specifically if you don’t want proportion or the match decoration. So we have a collection of the small master bedroom decor that will help you get inspired on your decorating your bedroom design. Look below for some terrific ideas!

Pure Bookcase Bedroom

Photo by Black Fox Interiors

Sometimes it’s hard for you who like to read a book to combining the reading room with room bedroom. However, not each of us has a big space for house and home. So, to take over that problem, this small master bedroom will be a good idea for you.

This small master bedroom decorating is made for someone who likes reading. Wall shelf for your books, and applying pure color on the color decoration make this room still look cozy and roomy.

Strip-lined Pillow

Photo by Philip Lauterbach

Small space always be a problem for us; it will make us hard to decorate it. Although, we know to make it bigger will bringing the new issue for us.

So, what is the win-win solution, maximize on decorating your small space and like this small bedroom, using your great nook and white color to make it look bigger.

Also, using simple furniture and storage, but it must be seen as luxury furniture. Last, your bed size must be important things for you to consider.

Classic White Storage

Photo by Joanna Madziarska

Small master bedroom with classic style is still hit in this era. Classic blanket style with white color and classic pattern make this small master bedroom look vintage. Then, the design of closet, drawers, and nightstand with a small mirror also support the classic style.

Concealed Bedroom

Photo by IJzersterk

Concealed bedroom style will be suitable for your small space. With concealed bed make you can use your bedroom not only for sleep. But, you can use for anything else. Also, the concealed can you combined with storage or bookcase.

Rustic Bedroom Style

Wood always be perfect materials to make your room look natural. Wooden bed with classic blanket and pillows is perfectly combine the atmosphere of this master bedroom. Then, a combination color of white and green palette make this small master bedroom fell roomy.

Unique Bedroom Storage

Photo by Alyssa Lee

Grey color always appear elegant and luxuries atmosphere. It would give the same effect if you applied for your small master bedroom. The elegant dark grey of bed, blanket, blanket covers, and pillow make this bedroom look expensive and exclusive.

Also, a unique design wall design with a 3D wood plank, it makes this room look artistic. Moreover, another side of the wall has a different goal, and it functions as a storage and ornament.

Storage Mirror

Photo by Poparch Studio

A small master bedroom always has one essential problem. The atmosphere of the room sometimes fell stuffy. It will make you don’t even enjoy your bedroom. With this small master bedroom decor will make that fell gone.

Mirror and window, those two things will minimize the stuffy feel of your bedroom. Natural light and fresh air will make your room cozy, and the mirror will manipulate your room look bigger.

King Size Bedroom

Photo by Leo Cai

Not all small master bedroom using a small beds size. It can use a queen or king size of the bed. But, the main key of this small master bedroom is the decoration of it. It is only using small nightstand and sufficient light — also, the wallpaper bringing significant effect to this small master bedroom condition. The white and little blue color is a clever trick to make this beautiful room view.

Bohemian Bedroom Style

Photo by Anna Smith

Black and white is a contemporary design, but it still coll until right now. Those colors are bringing a balanced atmosphere like yin and yang. Also, bohemian blanket and rustic beds make this room warm. The simple design of nightstand and drawers also support the bohemian style of this room.

Maximum Space

Photo by Virtual 360

Maximized in using the part of your bedroom space is most important to do if you only have limited space. Using every corner of the room to applying or adding somethings you need.

This room uses that plan in execution this small master bedroom decoration. With that plan, you can use another place to put different things, like drawers or nightstand or maybe applying a king size bed.

Modern Simple Bedroom

Photo by Dan Fuge

This small master bedroom using a simple way decoration. However, only using simple not enough for this era, you must combine it with new things. The combination of wall storage and minimalist fireplace make this room look modern.

But, the simple design of beds and nightstand perfectly combining with those two things. Also, every inch of nooks is used with precise purposes to make this small room look awesome.

Elegant Dark Color

Photo by Zwada Home

Elegant small master bedroom style. In applying dark and silver color as the main point of the decoration. Combination of those colors makes this small master room look distinct from other room decors.

Also, this room supporting with wood material of furniture make this room look expensive and exclusive. Moreover, the smart way of applying a big window to create a natural light from outside make this room fell roomy and cozy.

Small Master Bedroom Closet Ideas:

Our small master bedroom only has limited space. So, we must fully pay attention to choosing the closet design. It must be in line with the size of our small master bedroom.

Dark Wood Closet


Using this natural wood closet make your small master bedroom perfect. Take your shoes from the floor, have a different shelf of clothes; also the hangs racks. It will make this closet suitable for your small room.

Triple Hang


This closet using a railing door, it makes your clothes have privacy. Also, railing doors didn’t take significant space in your room. Furthermore, have triple hang will have you to put many clothes in there.

Boxes and Cabinets


DIY boxes can be another solution for your small bedroom closet — also, the cabinets giving much space to separate your clothes. The rolling door also has to make your closet look like a wall.

Utilizing Space


Have space to adding cabinets for your small master room. This closet idea can be your option, also adding an unused box for other things like shoes it will nice idea.

Full Hang and Rolling Drawers


Must maximize your little space in making a closet. Like this closet using full hang of clothes, and have down shoe racks. Also, the smart way of applying rolling drawers, so you can put your accessories, jewelry, etc. in there.

Symmetrical Hang


This closet design actually will take a little bit space on your small master room for the doors. But, it’s still dealing with the order of hang, drawer, and basket on this closet. It makes you can put much clothes and accessories in there.

Small Master Bedroom Color Ideas:

Selection color is essential for our bedroom. Therefore we have to choose a color that suits our personal, also bringing a positive atmosphere in our bedroom.

One Wall Grey

Photo by Anna Stathaki

Small space of your bedroom must be a consideration for you to choose the perfect color. This grey color with soapstone pattern can be the best solution. Then, this color well combined with another color, white color, for example. Also, the natural color from the wood furniture makes this small bedroom fell roomy.

Natural Colors

Photo by Samantha Ward

Black and white color are contemporary color; on other hands, it is still the color all the time. So, this color design will give you ideas to transform that color into a unique one. You can combine it with natural wood color, also the wood furniture to support it.

Mix Colors

Photo by Jamie Amitrano

Use pop-up color can be an excellent decision; you can apply that color to the pillow, blanket cover, or maybe painting and accessories in your small master bedroom. It will make your room feel a cheerful and optimistic atmosphere in the morning.

Luxury Blue

Photo by I Sorokin

This color is bringing a massive atmosphere. This blue color makes your bedroom look luxury, also combined with a king size bed. Then, a soft white curtain makes this room fell like a royal room.

White and Brick

Photo by Mike Healey

Sleek white color combined with modern furniture and a big mirror makes your room look contemporary. But, it is a clever idea in adding a brick pattern wallpaper. It makes this room giving a new condition of the bedroom, and the old style appears in this bedroom.

Purple Palette

Photo by Ippolito Fleitz

The modern design of this small master bedroom can be your preference. With purple palette color as the primary color of this room, also unique design of lighting make this room look awesome. Then, the accessories and design of mirror also support a unique view of this bedroom.

Warm Color

Photo by Greene Ashes

Combining all colors on your small master bedroom can be one the best option. But, you must consider in choosing what color to applied it. This small bedroom only using palette color, to make this room still roomy and warm.

Fresh Green

Photo by Hummingbird Media

Bringing a fresh atmosphere to your bedroom is perfect. With this green color of wall, blanket, pillow make this small bedroom fresh and airy — also, light from outside support feeling too. Then wooden material of bed makes this room fell perfectly natural.

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